Letter To My Nan – 8 Months

Hi Nan,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot this month. Asking myself questions that will never be answered, like what your last thought was and whether you were in pain when you passed away.

My other Grandad passed away. He’ll be up there with you somewhere and I hope you can share many stories from my childhood with him. He also died from kidney failure just like you so you’ll have lots to talk about I’m sure.

The girls are growing up so fast. That’s another thing that has been on my mind. I try to talk about memories that P1 can remember but I wasn’t always there and I’m really scared she’ll forget you. P2 won’t have any memories and I regret not taking enough pictures. I literally have two photos of you and P2 together! I’ve also been upset that you will never meet the new baby, it could be your first Grand-Son and you’ll never know.

I’ve been in contact with Auntie M a lot since your funeral which has been quite fantastic really. I missed her over the years and I know it’s something you would have loved to see for yourself.

I’ve created an album of pictures of you on my phone so that I can show the girls and myself whenever I feel lonely or upset. It’s not the same as being able to actually see you and speak to you and hug you, I miss all of that tremendously.

I hope you were/are proud of me. You were always a fan of my writing and very intrigued about my blog so you’ll love to know that it’s doing really well and I’ve been sent some pretty awesome things to review.

I miss you.

Love Jodie x

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