Letter To My Nan – 9 Months

Hi Nan,

Thank you so much for leaving me your locket. I have many memories of you laying in bed showing me the empty pictures when I used to stay the night at yours. I have no words to describe how much it means to me to have the locket.

I could really do with some Nan advice recently. P1 has been testing us and even though I know it’s just a phase, hopefully, but to hear you tell me that it would all be ok in the end would be so reassuring.

We’re having another girl!! She’s moving now too and I’ve got a little bump appearing. I wish you could meet her and that P2 and the new baby would know you. Really know you.

There’s not much else to report on this month I’m afraid. Life’s been pretty normal and my baby brain makes me forget what I had for breakfast let alone the past month.

I love you!

Love Jodie x

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