Letter To My Princess 1 – 10 Years Old

To my Princess 1,

This has been a birthday that sort of terrified me. Ten years is such a huge milestone. Double digits, a whole decade and the final few years until you become a teenager. If I’m honest seeing you creep closer to ten has also made me feel very old.

Your birthday also marks another thing, the amount of time since I was at school. Looking back on everything we have achieved together gives me a huge sense of pride. I am so incredibly proud of both of us. We have been through a lot together.

You are this crazy little human that teaches us all so much about life, love and responsibility. You have extra needs compared to your little sisters. Needs that are sometimes quite confusing, highly demanding and often draining. It’s what makes you unique and you are very special.

You leave a real impact on the people you meet. You are a chatty little person, full of imagination and creativity despite those things also being a downfall sometimes. At the moment you take quite a lot of porky pies (lies), some seem pointless to us and others we can understand where it comes from.

At ten years old you are still just as obsessed with your iPad. It’s your favourite pass time that allows you to escape the real world which gives you a sense of peace I think. You are loving games like Minecraft, Roblox and watching endless YouTube videos. Talking of YouTube, you are very proud of our channel and tell everybody about it.

This past year has seen you begin to experience anxieties. It’s usually about food if I’m honest and mealtimes can be quite stressful for you. You have tend to panic in situations you don’t know or if we say we are going out somewhere, nothing can be a surprise or you end up in a hyper mess which is dangerous sometimes.

You have been through so much this year. We changed your school to help push your education further, your focus and drive. It’s been a good move but you’ve definitely taken it harder than we anticipated, and we had expected it to be a pretty rough journey.

I am so proud of you. All of your flaws and crazy behaviour traits are tiring, but deep down you are this loving person. I cannot believe I have had the joy to be your Mum for ten whole years. It went so quickly and I fully expect the next ten to go just as quick.

I love you so much!

Love Mummy x

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