Letter To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 10 Months

To my Princess 1,

It’s fast approaching your sixth birthday. It’s very scary how quickly you’re childhood is passing now.

This month your newest little sister made her dramatic entrance. I have to admit you didn’t seem to take it very well which surprised us all. We thought that because you’ve done this before everything would just fall into place with you but we were very wrong. It sparked some pretty awful behaviour. Luckily, things seem to have calmed down a little now and you’re very doting toward P3.

You’ve been doing much better with your homework and reading this month. You do still struggle with concentration but it’s getting better.

You keep asking about Christmas, your birthday and the little party we’re arranging for you. I think this year is going to be quite special for us all and I’m so excited to see your face light up.

You haven’t been well this week which has been awful. The doctors said it was just a cold but you were pretty ill. High temperature, coughing, headache and just laying down all day for nearly a week!!

We really need you to focus and concentrate and listen. You’re doing so well.

Love Mummy x

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  1. Aww! Bless her! I hope she is feeling better now! It’s so awful when they’re ill x

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