Letter To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 5 Months

To my Princess 1,

You’re 5 years and 5 months old today.20140526-060742 pm-65262243.jpgThere’s been a certain upheaval in your behaviour this past month. Worse than ever really. You’re ok during the day, just a normal 5 year old, but when it comes to bedtime it’s been horrific!! We’ve tried so many ways to deal with it to make you happier and better behaved at bedtime but we’re failing. You’re too cheeky and just laugh!!

On a better note though, you’re becoming a very loyal big sister and very helpful with anything to do with P2. You help her out of her sleeping bag in the morning, share your food and drinks with her and play with her lovingly.

You’ve been doing so well at school and have made lots of friends. You went on your first school trip to a Wildlife Reserve which you really enjoyed and walked the whole way there and back. The teacher was very proud of you. You’ve also been having school dinners and the choice is amazing. On a Wednesday it’s always a roast and Fridays are more of the “junk” days with fish and chips or nuggets etc. We keep joking because you’ve been choosing to have a jacket potato with tuna and cheese nearly every day on some weeks!!

You’ve finally got your new insoles for your shoes and they seem to be helping a lot. You don’t complain of pain anymore and you actually find them quite comfortable. I can’t see much change in your walking but it’s nice to be making a positive change finally.

I’m hoping this month we can get on top of all the naughtiness and especially this week during half term!

Love you,
Mummy x

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