Letter To My Princess 1 – 6 Years 3 Months

To my Princess 1,

You are now 6 years and 3 months old. I’ve not been writing as often to you as I feel your progress is a bit slower now you are older.

Since turning 6 you’ve started your Early Literacy Support sessions at school. I’ve really seen your writing improve. I didn’t think you were struggling but after witnessing the change, I’m glad you’re receiving support.

You have changed reading bands last week. You’re now on the Blue Band 4 books which is aimed at children aged 5-6years but I think you’re enjoying reading more than before as you are finding it easier.

I can’t believe the change in your behaviour lately too. We’ve been through the rocks lately but for about a month or so now you’ve been so good. Obviously, you have your moments like every child but on the whole it’s been so much better.

You have your own little routine now and that’s helped I think. In the mornings you know you have to get dressed before you come downstairs and then you get your own breakfast. In the evenings before bed you tidy away all toys.

Your uniform is either shrinking or you’ve got taller and judging by your increased appetite lately, it must be that you are growing.

I love you pudding.

Love Mummy x

6 years 3 months

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    She is so adorable – I’m glad the literacy has helped her too.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

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