Letter To My Princess 1 – 6 Years 6 Months

To my Princess 1,

I’ve been really disappointed with your behaviour lately. To the point we’ve been to see the doctors because I know this just isn’t normal behaviour for a 6 year old. We have a few next steps and I hope that you are just in a very awful stage at the moment.

You’ve been so doting on P3 and have started to form a better, more understanding relationship with P2 which is finally a lovely thing to see.

It’s funny how this letter fell on the day of your sports day. I had written a huge, pretty negative letter to you this month as like I’ve said we’ve all been feeling quite down in the dumps with each other. But watching you today at Sports Day brought tears to my eyes quite literally.

sports day 2015

You were diagnosed with hypermobility when you were about 18 months old. You spend every day battling with your body and legs to keep you from falling. I think sometimes we forget just how hard you have to work just to walk and life gets on top of us. Well today you did us all proud.

Great-Grandad travelled over from Essex because your teacher Miss D had said you were practising really hard so I thought you’d appreciate the extra encouraging face. You were in Orange team this year. Deep down we all knew you’d be the one to slow things down as you are known for being in your own little world and of course from being slow.

I loved how you had the strength to participate. You looked brave and grown up whilst also being so vulnerable against your school friends who run at 100mph and are so strong on their legs. But you did us proud. During the obstacle race you were the only one left to run to the end and back again. The whole crowd was cheering you on and I really had to force my tears from pouring down my face. I was so emotional.

Last year you didn’t join in with the running race but this year you did. I know that you knew you wouldn’t win and didn’t even have the slightest chance either but you still stood there all grand and grown up. Your legs carried you so far in a sort of skipping way to the finish line. Last. I had tears in my eyes and just couldn’t look at anybody.

I am so incredibly proud of you. You show such courage and strength in your own little way. It took away all the bad vibes of your naughty behaviour lately and has turned it all around. I realised today just how different you are from your sisters and your peers. You need me to be your rock more than ever and to support you through day to day activities.

We have ordered you some shopkins (something you really enjoy watching on YouTube) as a well done treat because it may have just been a Sports Day and you may have come last/slowest in all your races but you did it. That’s all that matters. You tried your best and I am so thankful for that and for you.

I love you baby girl!

Mummy x

sports day

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