Letter To My Princess 3 – 17 Months

To my Princess 3,

This month seems to have seen so many new changes for you. It feels like you are no longer our little baby.

You are so inquisitive with your surroundings. Especially the fridge. I guess for someone so little it could be like a great treasure trove of adventures with new things to explode each day.


Your speech has suddenly exploded. You said your first proper sentence, “no mummy”, but you are able to communicate roughly what you want by one words. “Doh doh” is plays oh, milky is your milk, mummy and daddy, nannie, bye byes for bedtime, bye for the obvious, nunight to your sisters at bedtime, huggy when you want a cuddle, doggy and awwwww which relates to any animal you see. There’s probably some other things but my mind is s blank at the moment.

You are beginning to play games with your sisters although if something upsets you, you can be rather dramatic about it. You are so inspired by your sisters and copy everything they do, including smacking. Only you’ve started to smack not just your sisters but strangers too which is rather frustrating.


The biggest thing to happen to you this month has got to be your bedroom change. Well, you haven’t really changed bedrooms just the position of your bed but your two sisters have joined you. All three girls together. You love it. But also this week you have come out of a cot and into a toddler bed.

You have so much energy. You run off at every given opportunity, will not be sat in a high chair and pretty much have your own mind. It’s very stressful and I’m quite looking forward to the stage when you respond to the word no!


I love you, as always. Keep doing what your doing, and perhaps start sleeping through?

Mummy x

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  1. What a great update. I hope she sleeps through for you soon – although my 4 year old isn’t great at this! And at least the smacking is just a phase.

  2. This will be a lovely thing to show her when she’s grown up! My mum wrote in a similar way and she gave them to me recently – I love them!

  3. Hello Beautiful Bear

    Aw what a lovely update and her speech is coming on so well for a baby her age, you must be so proud of her! X

  4. What a gorgeous girlie! My daughter has just turned 18 months. It is such a funny age! I hope she sleeps through soon that must be awful! I don’t think I’d cope. Well done mama!

  5. Oh what a lovely post! I can really relate as I have a 20 months old princess 🙂 It’s beautiful seeing them grow up and notice the smallest changes, new words and attitudes. They can be so dramatic at this age, bless them!

  6. Beautiful update, she’s a little treasure. My little fella is just a few months older. Fingers crossed she sleeps through soon for you 🙂 x

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