Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 3 Months

To my Princess 2,

I just can’t believe that you are 27 months already. In the scheme of things that is such a short amount of time yet it feels like you’ve been in our world for a lot longer.

I cant believe how well you are progressing with your personality. You are such a cheeky little girl and you certainly know what you want and when.


One thing I have noticed is when I look through photos of you, you always seem to be smiling or have an expression of contentment in your own little world. This reflects your exact personality in real life too. Very easy going and such a joy to be around.

This month you are back to sleeping pretty awful. Your nights have been very disturbed lately and I’ve come to the decision to stop giving you milk during the night as you were waking every two hours demanding milk and not stopping until you got it. You have stopped having milk in the day for nearly a week now which is going ok.

You’ve also been having a few night terrors lately. Most likely because your body is adjusting to not having day naps. Nanny has made you a special dream catcher thing to keep the dinosaurs that you told her you were scared of.

You are wearing 2-3 years clothes still although I think they are beginning to get a little small. You are wearing a size 6F in footwear which is close to your big sisters size 9!

You are on a waiting list for a nursery as we think you’d really benefit from having one day/morning a week and we are viewing a closer one this week too. We attend two playgroups in a week and you definitely have a favourite but I’ll continue to attend both any way as they are so close to our house. You are beginning to form little friendships too.

You are also not wearing pull-ups any more during the day. Even on long journeys and you have had the experience of having two “squatting” moments which you handled very well.

I love you and am so proud.

Love Mummy x

2 years 3 months

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