Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 5 Months

To my Princess 2,

You are very nearly two and half years old. Zooming towards turning three and that’s just too scary to even contemplate.

You’ve had two taster sessions at a preschool. It was a decision we felt was right for you as I’ve noticed you struggle to form relationships with other children outside of your family. You cross your arms and frown at them. It’s not because you’re rude or nasty, although I’m sure that’s what people think, it’s more because you are shy and lack confidence. I truly believe that if you start attending a preschool or nursery a few times a week or even just once, away from the watchful eyes of Daddy or me that your confidence will grow and prepare you for life. You loved the taster sessions so that’s good.

2 y 5 m

We have hit the stage of questioning. You are questioning everything. “what’s that mummy?” “What’s in here mummy?” “Why is that?” And it’s quite cute but I’m sure it will begin to get annoying eventually. I love how you are curious to your surroundings and the world you live in.

We’ve signed you and P3 up for Gymboree sessions. Currently you have three months worth. When you first started just over a month ago you were this timid crying wreck. Now, you bound in and get on with it. Joining in here and there. It’s lovely to watch your confidence grow. You even let the lady stamp your hand whereas before you only let Mummy do it.

2 y 5mths

You are struggling to adjust to having a crawler in the house. You’ve suddenly realised that P3 isn’t as cute anymore as she’s become mobile and destroying the games you are playing. I’m sure your love will grow as she grows out of the baby stage of not understanding and into a stage where you can communicate and learn together. You’ve learnt to bring the toys up onto the sofa or to the desk.

You love being outside. We don’t have a garden but we spend so much time at the park or in our make shift garden in the access way. You are walking so much more too, to playgroup, Gymboree and even Tesco. I can’t believe just how strong you are compared to P1.

You weight 13.4kg. Just 2kg below your big sis. You still hate having your hair washed but enjoy being in water. We’ve gone to Eynsford Ford a few times now the weather is nice and you love it!

I love you.

Mummy x

2 years

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