Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 6 Months

To my Princess 2,

Two and a half years you have been in our lives.

I say it all the time but time is really flying past and it feels like just yesterday that I met my chubby little monkey for the first time.

You are so different from your older sister. You’re heavier, sturdier and much more laid back. You are also very active and extremely cheeky.

2 yr 6 m

You are still firmly a Peppa Pig fan just like your big sister was. You have a little routine where you’ll watch a Peppa Pig episode followed by a Topsy & Tim, then another Peppa before you head off and play with the little Peppa Pig figurines that you are completely obsessed with.

I’m really looking forward to your birthday already, even though there’s still half a year to go. We are planning a joint party with P1 and I’m hoping you will have made some new friends at nursery to invite along with your normal friends.

You are completely dry during the day still and I’m so proud of you. You even tell us when you’re right in the middle of playing something exciting and can hold yourself. You still wear a nappy at night but because you haven’t quite cracked the no milk at night thing yet, it will probably be a while until you ditch the nappies.

You are such an enjoyable person to spend time with. You communicate and speak nearly the same as your big sister. You are very curious to your surroundings too and ask questions about everything.

You are actually a really good girl. Although when you are tired or demanding milk you can be a very emotional fire bomb. Very stubborn and strong willed.

Your social life and activity levels are blossoming crazily lately. We always have something to do during the week, taking advantage of the Gymboree unlimited open gym sessions during the summer, stay and plays, the park and visiting friends. Some days you really crave being indoors as you’ll ask to go home. In a way we are preparing you for starting nursery next month when the activity will be heightened even more.

I am so incredibly proud of you for all the achievements you do each day. You are certainly growing to be a very happy, very helpful and kind little girl.

I love you so much.

Love Mummy x

2 yr 6 months

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