Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 7 Months

To my Princess 2,

You are now 2 years and 7 months old, well three days ago you were any way.

This past month you’re vocabulary has come on leaps and bounds. You’ve always been quite advanced I think but some of the things you say are just so grown up. This of course means you can be quite stubborn, strong minded and cheeky!

You are still wearing 2-3 year clothes although quite a few bits you wear are now 3-4 from your sister. You love to choose what you want to wear in the mornings which is really sweet.

Our night times are still varied. Most days you shout for me every few hours but we’re stopping milk in the night for good now which so far has gone swimmingly and both nights you’ve slept through. I know that the bad nights will see me up with your baby sister as you’ll disturb her but I can’t keep waking to you in the night anymore.

2 years 7 months

You have a huge love for animals. A serious obsession. Mainly cats, dogs, guinea pigs and skinny pigs (google it!) All pets you’re family and friends have but we haven’t braved to get yet.

I’ve started to plan your joint birthday party with your big sister already. Soft play. I really hope you like my ideas and if you’re good I’ll get some Peppa Pig themed bits.

P2 I wish you all the luck in nursery my beautiful baby girl. There’s so much more for you to learn and do. It’s going to allow you to spread your wings further and really blossom. You had your taster morning today and you did so incredibly well. I am very proud and it gives me great hope for your nursery career. The only tears you shed were due to a little girl taking your panda so of course we are very proud.

I love you.

Mummy x


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