Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 8 Months

To my Princess 2,

I just want to apologise for writing this so late, you’re now heading towards being 2 years and 9 months, but life has been super busy and quite distracting.


You’re doing really well at nursery. We had your report and you are above average on nearly everything which makes me so proud. Unfortunately, you still cry at drop off and I really think that you are still suffering with separation anxiety problems. I’m hoping you’ll get there eventually but it is quite draining.


Terrible twos have hit you hard! You are more stubborn than ever and when you’re told off you will cry or screech for so long afterwards making yourself nearly be sick. Nursery has definitely changed you, you are more sure of yourself and are also becoming aware of boundaries and rules.


You are still waking in the night and I think it’s just something I have to accept. I really hope it is just a phase of your younger years and that one day soon you’ll just snap out of it.

You are such a good big and little sister. You play so amazingly with your sisters and I love watching the different bonds you have with each of them.

It’s becoming so exciting to see you grow.

I love you.

Mummy x

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