Letter To My Princess 2 – 3 Years 6 Months

To my Princess 2,

It feels like you have been three for a long time now. Yet we still have a whole half a year to go. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be four.

You have finished your first year in nursery and are off for the summer holidays. You keep saying that we get to stay in a hotel for your holidays which is really cute. This is the first big break you’ve had so I can imagine it being quite confusing.


You are still our little dare devil. Conquering every obstacle at the park or soft play. You terrify me! I’m not used to having quite an energetic and confident daughter and you are teaching me so much.

You are definitely a bright little girl. You sing the loudest at nursery and everyone is very pleased with your progress. In the end past six months you have become quite close to two little girls at nursery. We also go to a play group on a Thursday and you have a couple of friends there. But you much prefer your own company or to speak with the adults.


You adore your big sister. Every day you ask when she will be back and then when she is, you jump up and down and give her the biggest cuddle. Sometimes it’s with a welcome response from her and other times she’s exhausted which confuses you. You can be extremely cheeky and somewhat boisterous with both your sisters but you do love them and it’s quite clear to see.

You love your balance bike which you ride with confidence. We bought you your first helmet a few weeks ago and now there’s no stopping you. I think we’ll have to consider getting a proper bike for your birthday.

I’m really looking forward to the next six months with you. You’ll be going to nursery four mornings a week which will be a big step for you!

I love you little one. Keep being the cheeky Beaver we love you for.

Love Mummy x

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  1. Ah sounds like she’s getting on really well, Lovely post hot cure are those little braids in her hair too! xx

  2. Such a cutie! These letters will be lovely for you to read back on in years to come x

  3. Awwh, such a lovely letter and a lovely thing for her to be able to read when she is older.

  4. Ahh lovely! I remember when Tyler was 3 and a half and thinking oh no he’s halfway to four! It goes too fast doesn’t it! X

  5. Aw, what a lovely letter! I love reading these. Such gorgeous photos too. How pretty is her hair! Exciting stuff about a proper bike – so grown up 🙂 x

  6. Such a lovely letter. My son loves his balance bike too – they’re great 🙂

  7. she’s such a gorgeous girl. Her hair is so lovely. I love these letters to your little girls <3 xx

  8. I love how confident she is! What a great little letter to her. x

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