Letter To My Princess 2 – 3 Years

To my Princess 2,

When you woke up this morning you were able to spend your last two hours as a 2 year old with your family opening presents. Three years ago at 9:15am you entered this world. A chunky little bundle with no hair.


You are now 3 years old with plenty of hair and plenty of personality. In fact when you were just 6 months old, that’s when your life started to flourish. Learning to crawl and attending so many playgroups has really built you.


You have this huge obsession with dogs. The real and stuffed variety. You have begged many times to have your own tiny dog and we’ve agreed to get you one when we have our own garden. I know you’ll love it because you are so gentle with animals. The dogs pictured with you are your absolute favourites. Especially the two chihuahuas, Tiny and Tiny.


You are increasingly aware of the world around you. With this new found interest comes boredom or the need to be entertained. Lately you have been more demanding of things to do, painting and drawing is something you love to pass time with and going to Gymboree.


You are really enjoying being at nursery. We have seen your confidence grow the past 6 months and you are becoming so independent now. Being three means you are now officially a preschooler and we’ve even got to apply for your big girl school this year.


Your speech is hilarious at times and so advanced. I love having little conversations with you and you never really know what they’ll be about. I just love the character you are becoming. Although your tantrums are beyond manageable so you tend to get what you want just to keep peace.


You are a Daddy’s girl through and through but this year I want to make sure I find quality time with just you and me.

Happy birthday baby!!

Love Mummy X

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  1. What a lovely little letter and happy birthday little lady! I hope she had a wonderful day x

  2. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I love these letter style of posts, so lovely.

    Laura x

  3. Ah what a lovely letter, she is very cute. I love the picture of her with all the dogs, we have a dog and I love watching them together. I love seeing how loving and gentle they are with them.

  4. This will be my sons next birthday, and as much as I want to keep it at a distance because I love his terrible twos I also can’t wait! x

  5. Happy birthday beautiful girl! So close to valentines too! I look forward to reading what year 3 brings for you and your little family.xx

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