Letter To My Princess 3 – 10 Months

To my Princess 3,

You are no longer a tiny baby watching the world go by. You’re firmly in that world, exploring and getting involved in absolutely everything.

You are gaining a beautiful personality. It’s so different yet so alike to your big sisters. There’s a cheeky streak about you and I can see you’re going to cause chaos. But at the same time you are a sensitive soul.

For the time being you are a mummy’s girl. If I walk away and you’ve seen me walk away all hell breaks loose. Whereas if you haven’t seen me disappear you’ll be fine up until you hear me. Like when we went to Gymboree and I needed to take P2 to the toilet, you were fine with the lovely lady who runs Gymboree until you heard me talking to your sister.

10 months

You have got into a little sleep routine. One that works really well actually. You’ll wake up in the morning somewhere between 6-7am. Usually closer to the 6am if I’m honest. This just means I have extra time to do the washing up or exercise in the mornings before your sisters wake up. You’ll then have your morning nap around 10:30-11am which lasts about 30-60minutes. You then have an afternoon nap somewhere between 1-2 for about two hours I’ve I’m lucky. You will then be awake until your bedtime at 6:30 and fall asleep by 7pm. You then tend to stir a few times whilst it’s still light outside but usually you wake just once in the night around 1-3am but immediately go back to sleep after being handed your bottle of milk.

You are still wearing 6-9 month clothes but I do think some items like leggings are getting a little tight. You are clapping now and you associate the word “clap” to the action too. We’ve even seen you stand unaided for a few seconds in the past few days.

PicMonkey Collage

You love food. Your appetite is growing by the day and you graze bits and bobs all day long. You don’t really eat a massive amount all at once though around meal times. You feed yourself everything from biscuits to curry and enjoy doing it. I wouldn’t even say we get in that much of a mess considering. But your absolute favourite is definitely ice cream or fromage frais.
Life is certainly different now you’re crawling but I’m glad you are so far an easy to read baby. It’s simple to understand what’s wrong with you but sometimes not quite so easy to solve when I have two other people to care for.

I love you so much there are no words to describe it. I can’t quite believe we are heading towards your first birthday now and I’m so thankful to be documenting it all.

Love Mummy x


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I can’t believe P3 is already 10 months!

    Lizzie Dripping

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