Letter To My Princess 3 – 11 Months

To my Princess 3,

Today you turned 11 months. These past 11 months have zoomed past and it feels like such a long time ago that you were a tiny screeching baby that we could never figure out.

11 months

I don’t think you look like other nearly 1 year olds. I still think you are very baby-like in appearance which is probably why people get so shocked to see you climbing really steep slides and steps taller than you.

11 months collection

At 11 months you can crawl, climb and sofa cruise. You have not yet stood unaided for any length of time and apart from finger walking, you don’t seem very interested to use your two feet to manoeuvre. I’m in no rush baby girl so please don’t take this as a signal to get walking.

11 m

You have four teeth, two bottom and the two top teeth have just come through in the past few days. This would explain the irritability and struggle to get you to sleep.

11 month collection

Talking of sleep, you actually do sleep so well compared to P2! I think it’s our fault and P2s fault that you stir because you stir at the same times that we go to bed or when P2 shouts for me in the night. I hope that one day your sister will sleep so you have the chance to sleep through an entire night. Your naps in the day are pretty set in stone too which is lovely, 11am ish and 3pm ish.

p3 11

You have such a personality forming and you have already learnt your survival tactics. When you see your sisters coming towards you trying to take a toy that you are playing with, you’ll hold it close to your tummy and spin in a circle saying “no” which happens to have been your first word.

You are finally in 9-12 month clothes.

We have a little cake smash planned for you for your birthday. I am so excited for it and it’ll push my photography skills.

I love you little girl and hope that you take your first steps when you want to and that you continue to be the cheekiest little lady.

Love Mummy x

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