Letter To My Princess 3 – 13 Months

To my Princess 3,

You still look so much like a baby to me yet your personality is growing older by the day. You’re 13 months and there’s no hiding you are far from that tiny little newborn you once were.


Since your birthday you have taken more and more steps. You’ll nearly walk the whole length way of our lounge, which isn’t very big but it’s still a big step for you. You do this with such glee and excitement. You’ll point before you go, like you’re telling us where you plan to go then you waddle like a penguin. You’ve even began to stop and steady yourself.


We’ve had a pretty rough week with you as you’ve been a bit under the weather. I guess that’s what you get when your two older sisters go to nursery and school. You like to share germs. You caught the cold and a high temperature which meant sleep seems to be a thing of the past. Your much loved routine has flown out the window, hopefully this is temporary.


You haven’t really got a huge vocabulary like your biggest sister did at this age. The only words we can properly understand is “dada” (obviously), “no” (thanks big sisters) and you “sing” Let It Go which is very cute. You are starting to communicate more though by pointing at things or reaching your arms out for cuddles. You babble away in your own little way constantly and I just can’t wait to hear you properly speak and be able to have a conversation with you.


You have six teeth; two at the bottom, and four at the top. This is probably another reason for your disturbed sleep. You are also going through the phase of not letting anybody feed you, at all, which has started to worry us a bit. You have been baby led and fed yourself right from the beginning but on days when not much food was consumed we would top you up with a yoghurt or a squeezy pouch. You won’t let us do this now. You have to do it yourself which causes a huge amount of mess! Anything sloppy that we would normally feed you, we can’t, you turn your head, blow raspberries and shout “no” at us.

I can’t believe how much you are changing and probably in the month to come you will be a little toddling baby. I don’t dare start calling you a toddler yet because that just seems so scary and a huge milestone!!

I love you!

Mummy x

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