Letter To My Princess 3 – 14 Months

To my Princess 3,

Wow, 14 months! I know I say this every single time but your babyhood is going so quickly and it feels like each time I blink you are doing something new.

I have started to stop referring to you as a baby because you are now walking. It is very rare that you crawl and I think you’re even forgetting how to if I’m honest. You love putting your shoes on and going on the school run or toddling around the park.


You seem to be taking after your Daddy and have eczema on your face. Due to teething and the colder weather, it got infected and you’ve had a pretty rough time with the flare up. I now know we have to keep your face and skin moisturised at all times and I hope we can maintain this for you.

You are still not really saying many words, “no” being the obvious clear one and “Dada” and “mama” but you can sound the tune to “Let It Go” and “Row the Boat”. You are always babbling away though and your face shows that you really mean whatever it is you are saying. I especially love how you waggle your finger and shout at your sisters like you’re telling them off. You definitely understand some things.


One thing I have really noticed this month is that you are finding things funny. You will laugh and really smile when something amuses you, like your sisters doing silly things or kisses on your lips. It has always been a real struggle to get you to laugh so this is such a lovely change for us. It shows us your personality a bit more now.

You are still wearing aged 9-12 month clothes but are gradually wearing some bigger bits. I am super excited for this Christmas, although we haven’t bought you very much to open I know you are going to love seeing family, looking at all the lights and enjoying the festive activities.

As always, I love you!

Love Mummy x

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  1. Cute as a button and I LOVE that she can sing ‘Let It Go’! 🙂

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