Letter To My Princess 3 – 3 Years

To my Princess 3,

We went a little over board with presents for your birthday this year. Turning three seems like such a big milestone for you. My last baby. Everybody got up really early to celebrate your birthday with you and watch you open all of your presents.

You have really changed this past year. I feel like the baby days are well behind us now and we have entered this whole new exciting world with you.

There are definitely a lot of days where you just don’t understand the world surrounding you and out comes the dramatic side of you that has always been there. However, you are able to communicate so well now that the conversations we have make me realise just how much you actually do understand and take in.

We seem to have mastered potty training after spending a good five months. I honestly felt like we would never get there as you are pretty stubborn but since starting preschool something seems to have clicked with you. 

Talking of preschool, you have been there for just over a month now and you’ve started to make actual friends. I honestly thought you would spend your childhood lonely because of the fear you have of people in general. It melts my heart when you speak about the little friends you are spending time with.

I loved spending your birthday with you this year. I spent the entire afternoon building one of your new Playmobil farm houses which both hurt my fingers and filled me with joy. You have not stopped playing with the toys we got you and I’m so pleased.

You still hate having any focus directly on you and this even extends to birthday songs and candles. You are THAT kid that cries when people serenade you with a happy birthday song….. Twice.

I really hope you had a brilliant birthday sweetie. We are all so proud of you and so interested to see how you change over the next year.

Love you,

Mummy x

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  1. What a wonderful letter to your youngest daughter. I cannot believe she’s 3 already! Looks like she had the best birthday.

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