Letter To My Princess 3 – 4 Years Old

To my Princess 3,

Turning four seems crazy. I desperately want to freeze time, make it turn slower and savour every moment.

You’ve had an entire year at preschool since your last birthday. You are one of the oldest actually. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your personality change.

You are becoming your own little person. In fact you always have had your own special way but it’s more evident now that you are growing bigger.

Your little brain is a sponge. You take in the world around you, your memory incredible, and you’ll relay things to us that baffles us most times!

In the next few months we are applying for your school place. You’ll actually be in school this time next year. I’m a little bit terrified about that.

You are still the stubborn little madam you’ve always been. Still the drama queen. You love your milk just like your big sister did and you demand a plaster for the tiniest of marks or bruise.

You are incredibly loving. I’m particularly enjoying the weekend snuggles in bed that you give now, you fit perfectly in my arms and you are super cosy to cuddle up to.

I still see you as this little baby of mine. Yet you are fiercely independent. You love Paw Patrol, collect cars and love to go shopping.

I hope you’ve had a brilliant birthday this year.

I love you my precious girly. Happy birthday!

Love Mummy x

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