Letter to my Princess 3 – 6 Months

To my Princess 3,

I can’t believe you are already six months and we’ve made it through half of a year of sleepless nights and poopy nappies.

At six months you have rolled once, laughed twice and are sitting slightly unaided for 30 seconds. You smile at everyone.

Having said that, you have definitely started to feel some separation anxiety whenever any of us move away from you or are not giving you attention.

6 months old baby

You do a really funny thing. You growl sometimes when something isn’t how you want it. For a baby so tiny it’s rather amusing!

You’ve started to try some tastes. Food means you are getting so grown up and on the next step to becoming a big girl.

Since having your tongue tie snipped, you have not stopped chewing/licking things and can be found with your tongue hanging out constantly. It is literally so adorable but I wonder if you’ll always be like that?!

I am so proud and so excited to ser how you’ll grow next month.

Love Mummy x


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  1. Isn’t she gorgeous!! Balthazar pokes his tongue out constantly too – it’s too cute.

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Bless her – I’m glad she’s smiling so much.

    Lizzie Dripping

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