Letter to my Princess 3 – 7 Months

To my Princess 3,

7 months means that we are now in the lead up to your 1st birthday and that’s just crazy.

The newborn days are behind us now which makes me super emotional. You are our very last baby and seeing these months quickly zooming past and you growing so quickly is sad but in a happy way.

You suddenly seemed to go from a baby in my arms to a sitting up, playing, eating and babbling baby.

7 month p3

This past month we have welcomed food into your life. You are shaping up to be quite stubborn and will not be fed from a spoon under any circumstances so we’ve delved into the deep end of baby led weaning and it’s going really well. You are now given a small portion of every meal we have and give it all a good go by yourself.

You are still quite wobbly at sitting up but I feel confident enough to let you play without having to sit by you continuously. It means you’ve starting to get involved in what your big sisters are up to.

You are beginning to have a strong personality that is forming. You are very different to your sisters. You will not sleep on me any more unless under exceptional circumstances. You go for a nap upstairs or in your carseat depending on where we are. I’ve also noted that you are not one for being settled with a dummy. Although you use one at night and most naps, if you start crying when we are out and about the dummy will not comfort you, you will only be comforted by exactly what you need, so milk or a cuddle.

At 7 months you still don’t laugh, although we have heard it 3 times so you CAN laugh. You are still not sleeping through the night. You are wearing 3-6 months clothes still. You weigh roughly 14lbs when I checked a few days ago on our scales.

Love Mummy x

7 months

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