Letter To My Princess 3 – 9 Months

To my Princess 3,

You have now officially been outside longer than you were tucked up inside my tummy. You are 9 months old.

It’s crazy to think that in just a few months time we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. We’ll probably end up having a joint birthday/wedding anniversary/birthday celebration seeing as you arrived the morning after my own birthday.

9 months p3

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and no longer spend your days wearing onesies. In fact with this beautiful weather you’ve not been wearing much at all.

In the last two weeks you’ve learnt how to crawl and have grown a tooth. It’s just a harsh reminder of how quickly these baby days are going. It was a gradual process to crawling but once you master your own little way of crawling you haven’t stopped. It happened just before BritMums Live.

p3 9 months

You are so vocal and now you’re on the move you are chasing after your sisters which isn’t to their joy but you certainly love being able to “join in”. You are so much happier. I was thinking the other day that we don’t really sit and cuddle anymore. You are still very much a Mummy’s girl and if I leave your eyesight you throw a huge paddy but as long as I’m around you are smiling and content with crawling about.

Yesterday, you started to pull yourself up onto the sofa and it just looks so strange. To me you are still so tiny and too small to be growing up this fast.

You love your food. We are well and truly doing the baby-led route. You eat nearly everything now with preference to chips and ice cream. You also love being outside and feeling the grass between your toes and the breeze in your hair.

I love you!

Mummy x


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