Letter To Princess 2 – 9 Months

20131106-034442 pm.jpgDear P2,

You have now been out in the world longer than you were inside my tummy. You’re 9 months old!

This month you’ve figured out how to bum shuffle. Only properly in the past few days actually. One minute you’ll be sitting with your crocodile cushion and the next you’re half way across the room. Hopefully you’ll master the proper crawl soon and then you’ll be trouble! You also like to stand holding onto the sofa.

You are even more vocal than ever and shout to get our attention. At bedtime you tend to chat away to yourself or your sister until eventually you fall asleep.

You prefer to eat adult food over baby food. You blow raspberries and slap the spoon away if I even dare to try feeding you a jar! You really have your own mind already.

You are sleeping better… Sometimes. You take ages to actually go to sleep, you wake once about an hour after usually, but then you wake just once at around 3-5am. Much better than before. You share a room with your big sister now so maybe you enjoy that.

You show us new things you can do each and every day! You make a funny noise by wobbling your lip with your finger. You love it and it makes us laugh.

Love Mummy x

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