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For the first time in a while I actually feel content with the amount of effort I am putting in to my girls educations. I recently bought some really useful age appropriate learning books for P2 which she has really enjoyed doing. But I think the best book we have ever tried has got to be the brand spanking new Letts Wild About range for P1 which is available to order from today or enter my giveaway below.


The Wild About range from Letts are brilliantly designed and really capture P1s imagination. There are nine books in the range which are available for ages 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11 years so there’s really something for every primary school aged child. I think what I really love about the Wild About books is the stunning animal photography inside.

Every two page focuses on one topic. We had the Letts Wild About Maths Fractions book and the English Handwriting one, so inside the Fractions one it was then divided into useful mini topics to help learn about fractions stage by stage. It gets more difficult as the book goes on. Each page has fun facts about the animal in the photo behind which I think really helps to break up the learning and keep your child engaged.

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At the back of each book there’s an Explorers Logbook where you tick off each animal as you progress through the book. I think I would have liked to have had some stickers for this to make the book even more fun, but it worked very well any way. There is also a really great “Quick Test” section at the back of the book where you can quiz your child’s knowledge on completing and also a super cute certificate which is titled as “Explorer’s Pass”.

The books are only Β£3.99 each which I think is brilliant. They are available to buy now and would make a really fun present despite it being highly focused around education. I honestly don’t think P1 knew she was doing learning which is brilliant because she struggles to focus for any length of time. Now on to the giveaway:

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I have been given the opportunity to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win a set of 5 Letts Wild About books tailored to your child’s age range. The books come in ages from 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11 years so there will be something for everyone. All you have to be is a UK resident over the age of 18 years to enter, if this is you then please fill in the form below:

Letts Revision Wild About Books

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Letts

Value For Money

Fun & Educational

These books are so colourful and interesting. They are a fantastic mix of education and fun all wrapped up into one book. Amazing animal photography included and great value for money.

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  1. melanie stirling

    They are aloud to have time on their electronic gadgets once their homework is done.

  2. no computer or mobiles or tea or tv until its done!

  3. My daughter loves doing homework and will happily sit down to do it. My son on the other hand… not so much. He loves reading and learning, but only when its a subject he’s really interested in. Bribery works though πŸ˜‰

  4. These look ideal for our holiday in August! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Blackmail!! It’s the only way, especially in summer when all they want to do is play outside with their friends

  6. They look like great fun. My boy will only turn 4 in August but these books would be great for him. He loves dinosaurs.

  7. These are great for keeping the kids busy during the summer months πŸ™‚ Fab idea x

  8. Susie Wilkinson

    I ask them about what they’re doing and show an interest

  9. These look like ideal booklets for an aeroplane ride!

  10. Natalie Crossan

    Chocolate helps πŸ˜€

  11. These look fab, I am going to have to see about these for my little man. He loves anything like this and is always asking me if he can do learning at the weekend ha ha

  12. I don’t really give my girls the option. It has to be done before they are allowed to play.

  13. i tell mine i will take the plug of his ps4

  14. with promises of pocket money

  15. aw these sound fab – my daughter loves learning about animals!

  16. These books look great and very educational. What a great giveaway! x

  17. My son doesn’t mind doing his homework at mo. Usually do in the morning when bright and breezy

  18. not at the homework stage yet, we have that ahead of us!

  19. Sarah Cantwell

    Aw it’s so good when they enjoy learning. When I was little I used to play schools with my nan and she used to write out sums for me to do for fun! X

  20. These look fab and nicely designed too! What a great giveaway x

  21. These are absolutely fab, I spotted this post on Facebook and thought ‘they’re brilliant’! I’ve got to go and check Amazon now, they’d be ideal for keeping up with learning during the summer holidays!

  22. We try to do homework when he is not too tired such as Sunday morning. For the ’emergency’ late minute ones – bribery πŸ™

  23. i am lucky that my boys enjoy it at the moment, i do try & get them to it on weekend mornings when they are rested and wide awake!

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