Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster award by Diary Of  A Mum Grade 3.  I’m new to blogging so this was really exciting for me.

Here’s the lowdown for how the award works: bloggers award other bloggers whom they consider as “up and coming” and have less than 200 followers, or are a newer blog. If you receive a Liebster, you must tell 11 things about yourself, answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger, and nominate 11 new bloggers. You then ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated. Oh, and don’t forget to inform the bloggers you chose.


1) I spent the last year of school pregnant. But still managed to get really good GCSEs.

2)  I have OCD over bed covers. They have to be in a certain place with no creases or I lose my mind.

3)  I used to ice skate; I had lessons which was 6 weeks in each grade. I got to Grade 10. Then achieved the first set of Bronze, Silver and nearly achieved Gold where you have to be examined but I fell pregnant and therefore gave it up.

4)  I used to spend a lot of time with my Grandparents growing up so have huge respect for them.

5)  My mum was a veterinary nurse for all my childhood until my brother arrived. I spent most of my childhood living attached to a Vets. There was a door in our hall that lead straight into the surgery room. I witnessed a lot of things there – births, deaths and miracles.

6)  I’m a lover of marmite.

7) Valentines Day has never been great for me. Especially the past few years. It marks one of our dogs dying and being single. Hoping this year is a little better even if I do truly believe it’s a commercialised event.

8)  I have an obsession with 90210, One Tree Hill, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, CSI.

9) I am not a very social person. I get nervous when talking to people – even people I know. And rarely make eye contact which probably makes me look very rude!

10)  I wanted to be a solicitor for a great number of years. But gave up this dream to be able to provide for my daughter now. I don’t regret that decision.

11)  I’ve learnt that life is too short for regrets. You make the most of the things you have and don’t look back or think “what if”

11 QUESTIONS FROM Diary Of  A Mum Grade 3

1) What is your favorite hobby? Ice skating. Although I do really love horse riding and painting ceramics 🙂

2) What is the one thing that drives you the most crazy? People moaning on Facebook about not having any money to go out clubbing or that they are so hungry but have no money when they are meant to be parents. That’s probably a little judging, but I feel that some people just do not have their priorities right.

3) Who is your favorite author and why? E.L James – yes. The Fifty Shades writer. It was such a good read and a little bit of that guilty pleasure.

4)  What or who got you into blogging? I love writing and always wanted to write a book. My mum suggested I write a diary about my life as a young mum… so here it is… my online diary 🙂

5) Name one thing on your bucket list. Visit the Maldives.

6)  What is the most exotic place you’ve travelled to? Can Europe be classed as exotic?! I’ve never really been out of Europe for my holidays.

7)Describe your idea of the worst vacation ever. Somewhere cold. I’d love to go skiing for the experience but the thought of all those layers just puts me off completely. Maybe one day.

8)  What is your guiltiest TV pleasure? Hollyoaks… The acting and story lines are pretty rubbish in my opinion but I still go back daily for more.

9)  Who has had the biggest influence in your life? I think my Grandad has had the biggest influence in my life. He’s a great inspiration to me.

10)  Name one decision you made that changed your life, that you wish you could go back and choose the other path. Everything has it’s consequences… and as much as I’d love to change who my daughters dad is… that would mean I wouldn’t have my daughter. And she is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! So nothing…

11) What is your least favorite time of the year? Spring… where it just can’t decide whether to be hot or not.


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11)  Him+Her=<3


  1. What animal would you love to own?
  2. What is your favourite thing to do with your best friend?
  3. What is your favourite colour and why?
  4. As a child; what did you see yourself being?
  5. What is your favourite food?
  6. Where do you go for time out?
  7. Who do you share all your secrets with?
  8. What would make you never speak to someone again?
  9. What makes you smile?
  10. Favourite item of clothing?
  11. What is your ultimate goal in life?

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    It’s always nice to learn more about bloggers.
    What’s marmite?

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