Life after lockdown: Eynsford Ford

One of our favourite local spots during the summer is Eynsford River Ford. I’ve actually spoken about it a few times on my blog as we always have a wonderful day.

For those of you that don’t know, Eynsford is a picturesque village in Kent. Whenever we drive through I feel this sense of warmth that takes me into a different period in time. It’s just beautiful and well worth a visit as there’s brilliant pubs, country walks and tea rooms too. We tend to visit here a few times a year purely for the Ford (part of the River Darent).

Ultimately it’s a part of the road submerged by the River Darent where you can paddle and explore the waters. If you are lucky you can spot tiny little fish that swim past. It’s completely free to spend time here as long as you can get a parking space, they are very limited.

Eynsford River Ford is the one place we always think to head when we are in the middle of a heatwave. This year we had been blessed with glorious sunshine during the lockdown period, and as much as we wanted to head to our favourite spot, we decided to stay home.

As you can see from the photos, once lockdown eased we decided to take an early morning visit to the river and finally enjoy our paddling adventures. It’s the perfect place to cool down.

We knew it would be busy on the day we chose to go, so we decided to get there early to hopefully beat the rush. By about midday, it had got too busy for me to feel safe so we headed home. Thankfully our girls had enjoyed nearly two hours there paddling in the sunshine and showing their soft toys how to swim.

We had a wonderful morning and I would definitely recommend a visit if you can.

You can read a previous from a morning picnic we had back in 2017 and our visit from 2018 can also be found here.

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