Life Is Changing

The last two weeks have felt like they whizzed by in a blur of emotions that I didn’t anticipate. The week in the lead up to P2 finishing her preschool years felt bittersweet. We had sports day and even that made me well up with emotions. One of the Mum’s arranged a little get together for the girls leaving and we rearranged plans so that we could br there to see P2 graduate from preschool.

So much is going to change between what life is like right now, to what life is going to be like at the end of September. Our routines will be so different and I’m actually a mixture of being excited and completely terrified about it. I just can’t understand how I will have all three of my daughters in a form of school environment.

P1 will be moving school buildings. It been newly built and the existing building is getting knocked down, being replaced by a brilliant new playground. She will be getting to grips with a new school layout, a new teacher who happens to be male and the return of proper playgrounds for the first time in a year. Then P2 will be starting primary school and she will be meeting new children who will be growing up alongside her for the next seven years, finding her own way around a school and learning new things.

The biggest change for our home life will be P3s new adventure. She’s starting preschool for four mornings a week, exactly the same days as P2 was doing. It’s going to be strange walking back to the car without the noise of a chatty toddler telling me her legs are broken and she can’t walk. I’ll have four mornings to fill with tidying, working, the gym and whatever else comes my way. Which sounds great but it’s making me so anxious.

I want our changes to happen smoothly. I want to cherish our family life over the holidays. I feel like my girls are suddenly growing up and it’s all happening at once. It’s weird because I’ve never been a sentimental person until recently. This September is definitely going to see big life switches. 

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  1. Certainly some big changes ahead for you all. I’m pretty sure you will find plenty of things to fill your time. It always happens when us mothers think we have a little time to ourselves!

  2. It sounds like there are some big changes happening for all of you but I’m sure you will enjoy some time for yourself too x

  3. wow big changes ahead – especially having more time to yourself (though it will get filled up with plenty of things I’m sure)!

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