Life Is Too Precious

Life gets taken for granted.

My Grandparents were surprisingly over the moon when I told them I was pregnant with P1 – shocked yes but they felt it was a blessing to be able to see have a Great-Grandchild.

Now P2 is here you can definitely see the appreciation in their eyes. They thought one was a blessing… Now they have two beautiful Great-Granddaughters.

My Nan has had a very tough few years – well more like ten years. She’s had a stroke, heart attacks and on a daily basis fights kidney failure. Every day we have with my Nan now is counted as a true miracle. She’s only living on a small percentage of her heart and you can really see how fragile she is sometimes.

My Grandparents do home dialysis. They have their spare room set up like a hospital with the dialysis machine ready to be my Nan’s artificial kidney. P1 has grown up with this machine. Watching my Nan’s blood filter around the machine and then return to her body – it doesn’t phase her one bit.

My family are truly thankful for little miracles. P1 and P2 are my Grandparent’s little miracles!

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  1. You couldn’t have put that any better…..precious moments xx

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