Happy Birthday Life With Pink Princesses

I’m not a person to stick at things for long. Saving money goes out the window pretty quick, keeping the house clutter free was a bit longer lived but again it’s lacking, eating healthier and losing weight dwindled out. When I started my blog I was already blogging on a different platform and it was pretty awful. Like that blog I expected this one to just stop after a few months. But here I am THREE years later.

I really couldn’t see my life without my blog now. It’s been my outlet when I’ve been struggling with sleepless nights and tantrums. It’s been my way of remembering the adventures, the end of my pregnancy with P2 is documented and the entire journey of P3s is on here too. Our wedding day, my Nan’s death, moving out, Christmases. It’s all here. My little corner of a ginormous community.

One thing I completely never expected was the opportunities I’ve had and especially in this past year. In fact the past year was my best blogging year yet. We’ve been on holiday, sent to events and had lots of exciting products to test. It’s giving my girls the childhood I want them to have and I’m so eternally grateful for that.

In 2015 my blog managed to climb into the Tota100 top 100. In the three years it has received over 4.5 million page views. My social media following is growing. I’m not sure how I can top this year and at three years old have an even better year. This coming year I want to blog more for a personal reason, I want to build the engagement I get on here and simply have fun in the process. This is my life and my job, it’s an awesome hobby!


I have to thank everyone that has been there in the past three years. I’ve made some wonderful blogging friends through it and gained some loyal followers. Just thank you and here’s to a new year for Life With Pink Princesses.

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  1. Happy blog birthday. Hope you get such opportunities many more times.

  2. Happy blig birthday and well done on all you have acheived. I hope 2016 is every bit as good for you!

  3. 4.5 MILLION page views! That’s absolutely brilliant 🙂
    GREAT JOB in 2015. Here’s to an even bigger 2016!
    Happy New Year x

    – Popping over from Love 2 Blog

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It’s a crazy amount. I still can’t quite believe it. Thank you and I hope your blogging year is amazing.

  4. Happy blog birthday, I love reading your blog. I hope this year is amazing for you. I have been blogging nearly two years, one year really where I have focused on it and truly loved it. You have done so well, a great inspiration to newbie bloggers. 🙂

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! Such a great achievement 3 years! Welldone. I am hopeless at sticking to this but one thing I have to is my blog. Well done lovely x

  6. Happy blog birthday!! And congratulations on all you have achieved in 2015, here’s to 2016 xx

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!!
    I have been blogging a little over three years and I really can’t remember what I used to do with my spare time before it!
    Here’s to many more years x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It’s been quite quiet since the new year and I’ve taken up knitting… Certainly didn’t used to do that.

  8. I love blogging too it’s great that you get so many opportunities. We have worked with some fab brands in 2015 and hope to in 2016 too.

  9. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows

    Happy blog birthday! Hope 2016 is even bigger and better for you x

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