Like A Bee – Busy

Today has been very busy!
Well compared to my usual; stay at home in my pjs.

P1 had her first swimming lesson of 2013. She’s been attending lessons for about two years but she hasn’t made much progress in the swimming side of things. P1 has lax joints in her lower limbs (hips down) – meaning she tires easily and hasn’t got much strength in her legs. They think this is due to her early arrival and are hoping things will gradually get better. But for now we be patient as it doesn’t effect her lifestyle.

Anyway – swimming – P1 has become very confident in the water which is great. But due to her legs she doesn’t kick strong enough to move forward/backwards in the water. Today, at her lesson she did not stop talking with the teacher. There was only two kids in the lesson which was really great. P1 did so well! After nearly a month of no swimming she got in and enjoyed every minute.

P1 and I then went to my OHs Dad’s house. Spent most the afternoon chatting and playing which was great. I always like going there as P1 has such a great time with her new family.

We then had to do the thing I dread most. food shopping. My OH seems to have a strange love of walking around the supermarket! I hate loathe it. I’d much rather do it online and have it delivered. Especially since being pregnant. I remember at the start of my pregnancy I walked around feeling extremely sick and ended up running to the toilet to throw up! so lady like.

Today, I agreed reluctantly to go shopping – mainly because I’m the one who does all the cooking for our family AND I know what we have and haven’t got AND I’m also the one who will suffer most if something is forgotten. My hips did not like the food shop tonight one bit. I’m glad I went though. I need to find motivation for food shopping or I need to get my OH to agree to me doing it online. £80 later we have enough food to see us through the potential snow that is forecasted 🙂

I’m currently sitting with P1 watching “Night At The Museum” waiting for our dinner to cook. I so cannot wait for bedtime. Recently I’ve been dreading bedtime but tonight my bed is the only place I want to be! I’ll probably go into labour and not be able to enjoy it!!!

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