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Lily O’Briens New Chocolate Bars & A Hamper Giveaway Worth £45!

We had a delicious delivery of 14 bars of Lily O’Briens Chocolate a few weeks ago. Yes you heard that right. Fourteen chocolate bars! It seriously felt like we were in chocolate heaven. The weather has been amazing this week and I have actually really fancied some chocolate. So the huge box of chocolates was very appreciated. 


These are new for the Lily O’Briens range and we had a choice of seven different flavours to choose from. Now they are definitely not a healthy chocolate to grab but are absolutely delicious for an evening snack if enjoyed one square at a time. I really love the Lily O’Briens chocolates in general as you can tell there’s a lot of love put into the flavour of each chocolate bar.

The packaging is gorgeous too and I love the golden wrapper inside. It reminding me a little of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My favourite flavour was definitely the caramel ones and the Dulce de Leche too. The peppermint crunch had a very strange tasting to it, it felt a bit like a refreshing mint with an amazing after taste. Completely delicious and I’m sure I am going to regret my indulgence the next time I weigh myself!

lily obrien chocolates

I have a generous sized Lily O’Briens Chocolate Hamper Box worth £45 to giveaway to one of my readers. This hamper contains 8 boxes of Lily O’Brien’s finest assortment including; Chocolate Indulgence Collection (30 chocolates), The Ultimate Chocolate Collection (16 Chocolates), Chocolate Desserts Collection (18 chocolates), Ultimate Chocolate Collection (16 chocolates), LeCrunch Chocolat Pouch (7 chocolates), Zesty Orange Chocolate Pouch (8 chocolates), Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pouch (8 chocolates) and Crispy Heart Pouch (8 chocolates). Basically the winner of this hamper is going to be drowning in delicious chocolate for a long time!


Enter to win here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone entering and I hope you can enjoy the Lily O’Briens chocolate as much as I did! I am very jealous of this prize. The chocolate bars that we tried above cost just £2 each.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Value For Money


A really luxurious treat or gift idea. Very delicious chocolate made to the highest quality

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  1. milk chocolate is the best!

  2. Milk is my favourite

  3. milk xxx

  4. Oksana Fitzgerald


  5. My favourite chocolate is Milk, though I do like White too x

  6. I love dark chocolate best 🙂 though as far as I’m concerned if it’s chocolate you can’t go wrong!

  7. Can never say no to Milk Chocolate

  8. Dark – the darker the better – I love 85%.

  9. love milk chocolate

  10. Milk is definitely my favourite although I feel white is under-appreciated 😀

  11. aliduke79hotmailcom

    I love milk chocolate, yummy!

  12. Love White chocolate. 🙂

  13. I look milk chocolate

  14. Patricia Parkinson

    My favourite chocolate is milk chocolate

  15. I love dark chocolate x

  16. White everytime x

  17. Dark Chocolate

  18. I love dark chocolate and it is supposed to be good for you too so no guilty feelings!

  19. Got to be milk chocolate!

  20. white chocolate

  21. my favourite is most definitely dark chocolate! I think it is fantastic 🙂

  22. Milk chocolate is my favourite – yum !!

  23. I love Dark chocolate the best .x

  24. it has t be white for me

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate (especially with orange) x

  26. Love dark chocolate

  27. Milk chocolate, although i like white too!

  28. Milk for me..white chocolate can be a bit sickly

  29. Milk chocolate is my favourite.

  30. I love all chocolate but it has to be good quality and with plenty of cocoa. Milk is my favourite. Lily O Brien is quality and I love their dessert collection x

  31. Milk chocolate, with some nuts in

  32. Milk chocolate please!

  33. I love Dark Chocolate the most.

  34. I love dark chocolate 🙂

  35. Ooh any chocolate is fine by me! I guess milk is my favourite but then it depends what mood I’m in, sometimes I’ll go for dark or white chocolate. I just love chocolate lol ☺️

  36. has to be white chocolate

  37. Milk with mint bits

  38. I love dark chocolate best

  39. Can never say no to Milk Chocolate

  40. Milk chocolate is my favourite, no doubt about it

  41. I love milk chocolate

  42. Love Dark !

  43. Mine’s white choc, all that cool milky loveliness , and Lily O’Brien does it so grandly.

  44. Milk is my favourite, thanks for the giveaway.

  45. my favourite is milk chocolate

  46. I love white chocolate!

  47. Has to be milk for me .

  48. Can’t say there isnt a chocolate I don’t like!

  49. Milk chocolate is my favourite.

  50. I have to be honest, I love them all equally! 🙂

  51. Charlotte Hoskins

    Milk is my fave 🙂

  52. White chocolate mm

  53. White chocolate. Utterly tasty, and can be shared with the entire family, including my Dad, who cannot eat either of the other types. Everyone shares in this confectionery joy!


  55. My favourite chocolate is Milk Chocolate but i am partial to a bit of white chocolate

  56. Milk

  57. I would choose dark chocolate.

  58. That’s a tough question! Milk chocolate if I’m forced to decide. Many thanks for running the competition.

  59. I love white chocolate, but only in small quantities as it’s so sweet!

  60. Creamy milk chocolate for me!

  61. I prefer milk chocolate

  62. has to be milk for me

  63. Love them all but if pushed I would choose white.

  64. Milk chocolate all the way!

  65. I enjoy ALL chocolate but I try to eat in moderation!

  66. White chocolate for me! Dark chocolate is a big no no though. I leave that for my partner who eats anything lol

  67. I have a preference for dark chocolate but love milk chocolate too

  68. Milk chocolate in any shape or form

  69. Milk. Cadbury Dairy Milk in particular!

  70. White chocolate is my fave

  71. My favourite type of chocolate is dark chocolate

  72. Definitely Dark Chocolate!

  73. I love Milk Chocolate

  74. All Chocolate is my favourite but if I had to pick one I suppose milk

  75. KayleighWhite (@xxfluffywhitexx)

    Dark chocolate!!!

  76. Milk chocolate

  77. love dark chocolate 🙂

  78. I adore white chocolate

  79. White chocolate is my favourite! 🙂

  80. I love all chocolate, but milk has to be my favourite. Thanks for the yummy giveaway. xx

  81. I love Milk chocolate, thanks for the chance.

  82. Milk chocolate always <3 🙂

  83. Milk chocolate

  84. I love white chocolate

  85. Milk chocolate is my favourite!

  86. Milk chocolate always my go to favourite but let’s face it, chocolate is chocolate, gorgeous in any shape or form! 😉

  87. My fave is dark chocolate and my household thinks I am crazy haha! But seeing all this chocolate I am craving it so bad!! Yum yum!

  88. milk is my fave although its a close call 😛

  89. I like all chocolate, but milk is my favourite

  90. Can I say all of them?

  91. White chocolate!!!

  92. I love milk chocolate!

  93. my favourite is dark chocolate:)

  94. It’s always milk chocolate for me

  95. My favourite chocolate is white chocolate. Awesome prize

  96. Milk choc only

  97. Plain is my favourite but who doesn’t like all of them really

  98. Milk is always my favourite

  99. i prefer dark chocolate

  100. cheryl hadfield

    Milk Chocolate

  101. Milk is my favourite

  102. claire griffiths

    milk chocolate

  103. I like dark best but I didn’t always.

  104. White chocolate!

  105. i really like milk 🙂

  106. Milk chocolate

  107. milk thankyou

  108. Milk, though I do love dark!

  109. I quite like dark chocolate.

  110. I always go for milk chocolate x

  111. I like milk chocolate

  112. I love milk chocolate 🙂

  113. I love White Chocolate xx

  114. I love Milk Chocolate

  115. Milk chocolate is usually my favourite, although I know dark chocolate is healthier.

  116. Milk chocolate is my favourite 🙂

  117. I prefer milk chocolate but I also like some white or dark from time to time.

  118. I love Milk chocolate 🙂

  119. love dark chocolate

  120. milk chocolate

  121. milk chocolate is my favourite

  122. White Chocolate for me! x

  123. My favourite is milk chocolate x

  124. Dark Chocolate is my favourite

  125. milk is my fav xx

  126. classic milk is my favourite 🙂

  127. dark chocolate for me

  128. I love all sorts of chocolate, but if I have to choose, I’ll say milk!

  129. I probably eat milk chocolate the most but I love them all. As the saying goes – A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!

  130. It’s got to be milk chocolate, yum!

  131. milk and white chocolate

  132. I probably prefer milk chocolate but a good brand not overly sugary Cadburys!

  133. melanie stirling

    Milk is my favourite.

  134. My favourite is white

  135. Milk is my favourite

  136. love dark chocolate and orange or coffee flavour

  137. Dark choc is my fave

  138. Francesca Paige

    Milk and white is my favourite mmmm

  139. Dark chocolate for me

  140. I love Milk and Dark! Not so keen on white.

  141. love milk and white chocolate

  142. I love chocolate, all kinds, but if I had to pick a fave I would say Dark for me!

  143. Definitely milk x

  144. My Favourite Chocolate flavour is Strawberry but it’s very hard to find 🙂

  145. Milk and white are my favourite but if I’m having a nice glass of red wine then a bit of dark is just gorgeous 🙂

  146. Milk but I love them all unfortunately for my waistline

  147. I love l chocolate! I am a true chocoholic. I would say milk is my favourite.

  148. I love milk chocolate the most but I can certainly “make do” with any chocolate…..any time!

  149. Dark ☺

  150. Margaret Clarkson


  151. Catherine McAlinden

    I love milk chocolate the most!

  152. mines Dark xx

  153. Dark is my fav, although I love all types!

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