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I’ve always been a book lover. These days books are heading towards becoming only digital editions, but for me there’s nothing better than physically holding a book in your hands. Having three daughters makes it super difficult to find time to sit and read, so my extent to reading is online blogs and magazines. However, my girls are following in my footsteps and really enjoy reading. They have so many books and thanks to Lion Hudson, we have a new edition to their growing collection.

missing jack children's book

Missing Jack by Rebecca Elliott is a book aimed for younger children. The book follows Toby, a young boy (Who happens to be the authors actual son along with Clemmie and Benjamin) who has a cat called Jack. Jack gets old and dies. Toby then gets a new cat called Humphrey.

missing jack rebecca elliott

Death is a difficult subject for anyone but for a child who cannot understand fully it can be even tougher. Missing Jack is a really touching story that I think so many children and families can relate to. I can see this book being bought to help aid the loss of a pet and help a child come to terms with it. There’s nothing morbid about the book, it’s told in a very sensitive, cheerful way and brings a little light and hope to the situation.

I sat and read this book to P1 first as it arrived when P2 was having a nap. She really loved the story and with the recent loss of my Nan, death is a subject we do talk about quite a bit. When P2 woke up we sat and read again. She was completely engrossed by the book. This is quite unusual for P2 as she’ll usually disappear after a few pages or try to turn the pages quickly.

The book is also illustrated by Rebecca and they are so beautifully done. The images are coloured in a way that they are bright during happy times, enhancing happy emotions, and dark gloomy colours for parts where Jack the cat is getting older and dies.

I just love this book and would highly recommend it to any family with younger children to help with the harsh topic of pet death. This hardback edition of the book retails at £9.99.


Value for Money

Touching read

This book is fantastic for teaching children about a death of a pet. It's cleverly told and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott

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  1. That book has such amazing pictures and looks really engaging.

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