Little Bit Angry With Judgemental Know It Alls

I recently came across what I thought was an amazing website when searching for breast feeding jewellery. It was a website for young parents. Kind of like a support group with lots of information.

There was a link where you could contact them to join their team. I was definitely up for that. I’m very proud of what I have achieved so far in my journey as a young parent. I also believe a lot of young parents could and will benefit from my experiences. So I contacted in the hope that they’d accept me to join them.

I got an email today, saying they’d passed my details on and would I like to guest blog for them. Exciting!!! So emailed back all excited. To be faced with a return email which I found rather insulting really.

I was basically told that they had looked further at my blog and would not actively promote it because of two reasons. One being my views on co-sleeping and the other that I have photos which show my daughter sleeping in an unsafe environment. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without a doubt I’m fuming. Ok, I completely understand they have their policies/views/medical preferences. But how dare they insult my parenting so openly.

I was am disgusted by their emails. When I was a 16 year old mother all I wanted was somewhere I could go to for help, support, guidance and to read personal experiences. Just like what this site seems to offer. Somewhere I wouldn’t get judged. I was so wrong about that website.

Everything these days are so black and white, especially with parenting. You have to do it this way or that way, or you are a bad Mum and endangering your child.

I have never once said co-sleeping is safer! I’ve said it’s easier for me. I’ve weighed up the risks and co-sleep safely. Any photos of my daughter covered by a duvet, laying on a pillow etc etc etc (things they mentioned in the email) have all been with her supervised… Clearly as someone had to take the photo?!

I seriously hope that some day, the world will be a little less judgemental. A little less rude about parents.

Just to annoy the medical know-it-alls-and-would-wrap-baby-up-in-cottonwool-and-never-leave-the-house here’s some photos of my daughter clearly being in a dangerous environment that should never be done but all parents do…….

20130528-103303 PM.jpg

20130528-103311 PM.jpg

20130528-103316 PM.jpg

20130528-103343 PM.jpg

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  1. How ridiculous! Who on earth hasn’t put the baby on the bed to take a photo, or a nap, or whatnot? I bet they did it too. Also, I’ve read what you’ve had to say on co-sleeping and you seem to be well aware of the risks, and are always taking precautions against SIDS etc. You’re going with what works for you! Young mums are as capable of making informed choices as much as the next mum. Too bad they won’t promote your blog, since it’s a good one.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for this. I was fuming. Still am really. When I confronted them they apologised and then continued to explain how I was putting my daughter at risk. Grrrrrr

  2. How bloody ridiculous!! I’m fuming on your behalf, that’s absolutely awful! You’re clearly a fantastic mum and as you say, other young parents could really benefit from hearing about your experiences etc. How very short-sighted of them, ah well, their loss. I hope you don’t dwell on this, you’re obviously a very loving and caring mummy and nobody has the right to suggest otherwise xxx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Apparently laying a baby on your bed whilst you sit with them is seen as an unsafe environment!!!! Grrrrrrr

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