The Little Green Sheep SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib Review – Bedside (Part 1)

With P2 it wasn’t a conscious decision at first to co-sleep but our breastfeeding journey and our sleep journey was made much easier. We looked at different co-sleeper cots but never got round to actually investing in one. This time, we’d already decided to co-sleep and was just going to share our bed with P3. But then we were extremely lucky to be given the opportunity of reviewing The Little Green Sheep’s SnüzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib. The Little Green Sheep was created by Mark Nicholls and Paul Maurice. Over 60% of products they make are from Great Britain and all use Organic and Natural materials.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a delivery before. It was Christmas come early. It arrived quite late and ended up being sat in our bedroom for a few days unopened as it was the week hubby was unwell. In the end, during P2s naptime, I instructed hubby to take a nap too and built the SnüzPod myself. I actually found it very therapeutic putting it together and very rewarding at the end. It was actually quite simple to fix and I only needed hubby’s help to put the long metal rod through the SnüzPod fabric right at the end.

We were sent the mattress and bed linen with the SnüzPod which has been fantastic. I’ve actually spotted some very pretty pink linen that I need to beg hubby for. The mattress is made using a deep core of coconut coir that is bound with a pure natural latex. The combination of the wool and cotton acts as a natural fire retardant and contains zero chemicals. The mattress has a non-removable cotton cover which is why we use the mattress protector on top of it.

The bed linen are the best we’ve ever had. The fitted sheets fit snug around the mattress which is something I really like about them as I hate sagging, messy undersheets myself. I absolutely adore the blanket we were sent, it’s thick and really soft which is great for the colder months.


On opening the box of the SnüzPod itself you could smell and feel the quality of the wood. Each piece is thick and heavy creating a really sturdy bed for P3. For us, the benefit and reason that we would buy the SnüzPod would be for the bedside function, however the SnüzPod is a 3-in-1 little beauty. There is the option to have it Bedside, Stand-Alone and Bassinet. We have been asked to review each function separately which I will link to as and when on each post. We’ve been using the SnüzPod in it’s Bedside state so I’ve decided to start with that.

The SnüzPod has a zip-down mesh wall on one side. This allows you to easily see, touch and feed your baby in the night. It offers P3 a really safe environment to sleep in. Now that P2 is sleeping better it has allowed me to not leave the bed at all in the night as P3 is so close I can simply manoeuvre her into a feeding position and then place her back with little fuss.

snuzpod up

We have been using the little shelf under the SnüzPod for all of P3s clothes. It keeps them neat and accessible. As you can see from the photos, our bedroom is very small but the SnüzPod fits snug between our bed and P1s clothes drawer. The SnüzPod has special straps to fix it to a normal bed and a divan bed which I think is a fantastic safety feature. The Little Green Sheep have really thought of everything!

The SnüzPod comes in four different colours; Dove-Grey, Eco-White, Espresso and Natural. I really like the Natural one as I think it screams nature, however, I love the idea that the SnüzPod could be matched quite easily with the theme of your bedroom/baby’s room with the great variety of choice. The SnüzPod is only suitable for up to 6 months which I think is a great downside as I’m dreading her having to move away from our bed when she reaches this stage. However, P2 just about fits inside so I think as long as she’s not rolling or sitting up by herself, she may fit for a while yet.

elsa in snuzpod

We’ve been using the SnüzPod right from the start. I will admit there has been days where I’ve fallen asleep feeding P3 but she actually sleeps so much better in the SnüzPod as you can see from the photos. For the first time ever I have a baby that self-settles herself to sleep at bedtime. I strongly believe it’s due to the calming, comforting SnüzPod as she doesn’t settle herself in the moses basket we have downstairs at the moment.

So far I am thoroughly impressed. You can buy the SnuzPod for £169 which I think is well worth the money.




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Eco-Friendly baby furniture. Offering baby a safe environment to sleep and parents to have a peaceful night's sleep. Versatile and oozing with quality and greatness.

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  1. So adorable! We were so sad when Eleanor became too big for hers 🙁 xxx

  2. Celesse @ Mummy Logic

    I love the idea of these in theory. I did have my cot side-cared to my bed with my first but found she didn’t really sleep in it and just ended up wanting to be in physical contact with me all night. Baby #3 is currently in with us, and nice as it would be for her to have her own sleep space I just can’t see it working. Glad its working for your little one though. #TriedTested

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      P3 does end up in my bed towards the end of the night (5-6am). Its usually where i fall asleep accidentally. I like the fact that if she was to roll she’d only roll back into her bed.

  3. I love this idea – it’s so open and allows you to be close while giving you your own space.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. I love it I only saw them when my daughter was 4 months so a bit late to shell out. On my to buy list if we can have another 🙂 x

  5. I really like the look of these but disappointed to see it is only suitable up to 6 months, but I guess it depends on whether your little is sitting etc. #TriedTested

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