The Little Green Sheep SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib Review – Stand Alone (Part 2)

The SnuzPod has been in our lives for four months now. I enjoyed the benefits of having the side down as a bedside co sleeper crib for the duration of our breastfeeding days. But now we have moved on and progressed. We’ve popped the metal pole inside the fabric and the side is now firmly up creating a stand-alone crib.

Our house has limited space so the SnuzPod is still next to our bed but having it in the Stand-Alone option means I can push her slightly away from the bed. It does mean I’ve had to get used to actually sitting up to feed her, and by the second waking I’ve slid the SnuzPod back next to the bed.

stand alone

I love how I can see P3 even though she’s slightly further away. Most importantly she can see me too. This is thanks to the handy mesh wall on one side. The other solid fabric walls mean that she can feel secure.

I’ve started to make great use of the whole of the SnuzPod. It’s under shelf is used for P3s clothes, the rails are used for bibs and even one of the handles of the actual bed part is being used to dangle Ewan the Dream Sheep from!

We were given a new bed for Christmas which meant the SnuzPod had to be lowered slightly. I just wanted to mention how easy it was to change the height of it.

p3 snuzpod

One thing I do wish was slightly improved is the rock-ability. The SnuzPod is able to be rocked gently but I do think it needs a bit more of a curve on the base to allow more of a rocking sensation to help soothe baby back to sleep.

You can buy the SnuzPod for £169 which I think is well worth the money. I’m slightly dreading the day when she has to be moved into her cotbed, and that day seems to be fast approaching as she grows bigger and bigger!




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