Little Miss Chatterbox

We’ve been having an issue with P1. I’m sure or at least I hope that all parents struggle with this issue with their children at some stage.

Interrupting when others talk. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing she’ll interrupt. Even when told to “sssshhhh” she still continues to talk.

P1 talks all the time. Constantly talking about something. She doesn’t even pause for air and her voice isn’t even quiet it’s so loud. It’s tiring. I love the conversations we have, they are intelligent and funny but it’s just so tiring! You end up saying “Yes. Yes. That’s nice. Yes. Ok darling.” And nodding like those toys in the back of a car.

I’m scared she’ll stop talking to me in the future about important things if I keep asking her for little voices constantly or asking for a few moments of silence. Although in reality she never actually manages to turn the volume down.

I’ve learnt to half block her ramblings out – I’m a terrible mother! But it’s the only way I can stop a headache arriving. I know she’s talking and I’m half listening but I’m not truly listening.

I tend to talk over P1 a lot – we all do – which is why I think we have this interruption issue. We do it to her so that’s what she must think is right. We don’t do it out of nastiness. We do it because that is the only way any of us can speak with Miss Chatterbox in the room. We’ve learnt to talk over her and in turn she’s learnt to talk louder.

Tonight I’ve made a huge effort to wait for her to pause for breath before talking myself and I’ve let her talk and talk and talk about hundreds of things. I’m hoping we’ll see some improvement with some practice.

Tonight. I’m going to bed with a headache.

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