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We are well past our early weaning days. In fact I went down the babyled weaning route with both P2 and P3. However, when Piccolo got in touch and asked me to sample their new range of pouches I couldn’t say no. Not only did the website and packaging appeal to me when I took a little look but I know that my girls really enjoy pouches for a little snack when we are out.

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We were sent the whole current range of Piccolo products to try out. This currently consists of six different flavoured pouches suitable from six months onwards. The flavours are; Apple & Apricot, Banana Blueberry & Apple, Cherry & Yoghurt, Peach & Apple, Spring Greens and lastly, Squash Red Pepper & Chickpea. Each of the flavours have a hint of an ingredient that helps to strengthen and twist up the flavour which helps to introduce babies and children to new exciting flavours. These include; cinnamon, vanilla, oats, basil, mint and rosemary.

The pouches are completely smooth with 100% Organic ingredients. On the Piccolo website you can click each product for an in depth ingredient list (some literally just have three ingredients!) and the nutritional values too. As you can probably tell, I am super impressed by their colourful website and their beautiful products too. Piccolo is all about mediterranean goodness which is the bright sunshine, colourful markets and family eating around the table. This is why they add a pinch of a small ingredient which gives the flavour a mediterranean twist.


We took our range of Piccolo pouches on holiday with us to the Isle Of Wight. I was certain they would be perfect for our many picnics and days out that we had. The pouches don’t need to be stored in the fridge (only if opened and half consumed) so as long as they are in a cool environment they are perfect for days out and being on the go. The pouch lids are screw on ones and they are really easy to squeeze the puree out of which makes it great as a snack for older kids or easy to use with a spoon and bowl for younger ones.

As expected the girls were really thrilled by the taste. I even tried one too and they are so full of flavour unlike some brands that are similar and aren’t quite as flavoursome. These have a really natural but yummy taste to them. I must admit that P1 and P2 weren’t that impressed with the Spring Greens pouch but P3 ate most of her one which was reassuring.

You can buy the Piccolo Stage 1 pouches on Amazon. They come in packs of five for around £6.50 so they are by no means a cheap weaning product in my opinion. I was a little shocked by the price actually. Each pouch would be about £1.30 each. However, although the price is large I can honestly understand how much love and thought has gone into each product. The packaging is outstanding and the flavour is so scrumptious.

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Value For Money

So much taste!

A really great product from weaning and above. Bright colour packaging reflects the strong flavours.

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