Little Tiger Christmas Collection

Each Christmas I get the girls some winter themed books to get them in the spirit of Christmas. Although Hubby is very much into technology, I am still a complete lover of books and the girls are beginning to get a huge collection. This Christmas we have been sent a beautiful collection of books from Little Tiger.


The Night Before Christmas By Mark Marshall

The classic story. It’s been brought to life again with cute illustrations and a modern feel to it. I love this story and I’m actually going to be wrapping it up to put in their Christmas Eve boxes. I know, I’m cheating slightly.

Is it Christmas Yet? By Jane Chapman
This is a squishy chunky board book following a big bear and a little bear preparing for Christmas. It’s a really sweet story and a real hit with P3. 

The Magical Snow Garden
 By Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman
This book was so adorable!! The pictures were super cute and the storyline of a penguin who wanted to grow a garden and didn’t give up on his dreams was just heart warming.


One Snowy Rescue
 By M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton
This isn’t my favourite story of the bundle but it was really sweet nevertheless. It follows a hedgehog going on an adventure through the snow. Each page has his hat in fuzzy material which the girls really enjoyed.

Waiting for Santa
 By Steve Metzger and Alison Edgson
I love this book visually. The animal characters are so flipping sweet! The storyline is really emotional too, woodland animals waiting for Santa. P2 especially loved this one.


The next two books are for an older independent reader or perfect for a winter bedtime story.

The Storm Leopards
 By Holly Webb
This book is about a girl who is whisked into a magical snow adventure. It’s a very captivating story that I’m really looking forward to P1 being able to read herself.

On A Snowy Night
anthology by leading authors
There are 10 books in this collection. Very sweet and they are short enough for a quick bedtime read.


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