Little Tikes Big Outdoors In Hyde Park

We recently received an exciting invitation for a play date with Little Tikes in Hyde Park. The event was to celebrate the release of the new Little Tikes Fun Zone products that are perfect for the coming summer. We’d already got to experience the Fun Zone Drop Zone and was really excited to take a look at more of the new range.

We made the rather foolish decision to drive into central London, the day before the London Marathon, a day of beautiful warm weather and what happened to be the Queen’s birthday too. It took over two hours of not moving very fast but we arrived and found a parking space within the Hyde Park. It was a short walk to The Lookout. It was the girls first experience of Hyde Park, even I had my breath taken away. The atmosphere, the exercise groups, the views and the hustle was just extraordinary.

We found The Lookout easily with the Little Tikes brand colours in a magnificent balloon archway. We were greeted, the girls were given sunglasses each and we headed up the steps to where the fun was to begin. We had been told to pack swimming costumes and/or a change of clothes as there would be lots of water fun. Immediately the girls wanted to change and get stuck in. All three of them were flitting between everything, not quite believing their eyes.

Out of the 2000 parents surveyed, 42% said that they’ve used cot or wet weather as an excuse to go outside. I definitely have been one of those parents which is why I bought waterproof clothing for the girls recently. Our recent trip to the Isle Of Wight really opened our eyes to what it could be like going on adventures in not very good weather conditions. 3 in 10 have said they bribe their kids to go outside. I feel very lucky that all three of my girls thrive outside and we finally have our first garden to enjoy this summer so my eyes were definitely peeled for fun products we could add to our garden.

After a quick scour of everything at the venue, a beautiful natural habitat, P2 asked to have her face painted. Honestly, Little Tikes had thought of everything. The lovely facepainting ladies were so friendly, welcoming and immediately knew that P2 would want a unicorn (The unicorn swim costume may have given that part away). The care and time taken in her face was just absolutely amazing. There was glitter, detail and complete jazz in her face. It definitely caught the attention of their camera guy. 

Whilst P2 was having her face painted, P2 was at the crafting table. Once again the two ladies there were really enthusiastic and bubbly. P2 was in absolute awe chatting away as she does whilst creating the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe biscuit. P2 really loves doing crafty activities, she also loves being outside but usually finds her iPad too distracting to actually put it down to play with us outdoors. It was lovely to see her so involved and I must remember to recreate these activities at home. Round this area P3 found the paints and sticking area too, then both P2 and P3 joined their big sister with creating their own Cozy Coupe biscuits.

Hubby loves a good fruit juice and Little Tikes had this part covered. They also provided lunch. Sandwiches and wraps, fruit and the most delicious chocolate brownies. They had little children’s food bags too with less “exotic” sandwiches, raisins, fruit yoghurt and water, a brilliant touch. I struggled to tear P2 and P3 away from the Princess Horse & Carriage!

Although the venue had lots of shaded areas, the girls took a bit of a cool down indoors after lunch exploring all the other range that Little Tikes has to offer children. There was lots of younger baby and toddler toys that P3 really loved. It made me instantly broody obviously. There’s so many lovely things out there these days, even compared to just three years ago! The Dual Twister, Tumblin’ Tower and Drop Zone are all designed to be used indoors or outside, with or without water which is great news for always being able to have fun and get the most out of the products we buy our kids.

The classic Turtle Sandbox which has been around for many years, was there at the event which pleased P3 immensely. She loves sand and has adopted the sandbox vocabulary rather than sandpit… Anyone else do the same thanks to YouTube Kids? There was also a range of their Cars and Trucks. I really enjoyed watching P2 and P3 figure them out and use their imaginations together. 

P1 was given quite a bit of freedom at the event, it did her the world of good. She felt grown up and responsible I think. Obviously I kept a close eye on her but whilst the younger two were getting creative or covered in sand, she was busy doing a Nature Trail in The Lookout. It’s a beautiful venue actually with lots of natural sights including a pond area. Whilst P1 was waiting to get her face painted, P2 and I tried to figure out the Splash Face which is one of the new Fun Zone products. There’s a little clip in the video below which is hilarous, I got absolutely soaked completely accidentally as I didn’t have a clue how the toy worked.

Somehow, Hubby managed to persuade P3 to let the face painter touch her and put a dinosaur on her arm. She was absolutely thrilled, look at her little face!! I felt sad that the afternoon was coming to an end if I’m honest. The girls had been playing the entire time, literally experiencing their best lives. It’s the best thing seeing your kids genuinely happy and content. The girls and I were quickly questioned for the camera guy, and then we headed back out to Hyde Park.

We honestly had a brilliant time exploring all of the new products and existing products that Little Tikes has to offer all in one place. I could get ideas of what works for my girls individually. There’s a few water tables I thought was great and some lovely play houses but sadly my girls are getting a bit big for that. I filmed our day, I hope you enjoy the video and please don’t forget to subscribe.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I absolutely love all the water games – such good luck to have such amazing weather!

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