Little Tikes Fun Zone Drop Zone Review

I completely appreciate that we’ve just come out of a pretty frozen spell of snowy weather. That it’s still floating around the 5-8degree mark most days. On Friday temperatures hit a whopping 12degrees and there wasn’t a chance in hell that I’d not take full advantage of the sunshine and put together our new Little Tikes Fun Zone Drop Zone for the girls.

It actually arrived whilst P2 was off school poorly. She was really excited and I was longingly dazing out of the window for some rays of sun. Actually the Fun Zone Drop Zone can be used inside or out, but I’m desperate to get my girls in our brand new garden.

It comes in a huge box of parts. I wanted to prove myself as an independent woman and fix it together myself. Hubby kindly lent me his drill screwdriver thing and hammer and I set to work.

The instructions were really easy to follow but it’s not joking when it say it needs two people, however I reckon you’d only need one if they had more muscles than I have! It also took quite a while but then that could be because I’m rubbish at DIY.

Getting the girls home from school was extremely exciting. I’d actually left the new toy in our lounge but when we got home it was in the garden with Hubby filling the paddling pool with the hose pipe attached to our kitchen warm tap.

Ultimately the Little Tikes Fun Zone Drop Zone is a glorified ball pond/pit. Like I said above it can be used wet or dry. It comes with the main contraption, a paddling pool and enough balls for some great fun (25 to be precise).

The idea is that kids can turn the handle, it brings the balls up the conveyor belt and into the bucket. Once full it can be tipped out. I’m unsure what the water part does as the attachment part for the hose wouldn’t fit our standard hose pipe. I can imagine the water pressure may tip the bucket by itself.

The girls were so excited. Our poor neighbours most likely think we are barmy because it was pretty cold. Thankfully the water was warm just like having a bath so they were in there squealing with delight for about an hour, possibly more!

As well as the conveyor belt attraction of this toy, there’s two shoots/slides for the balls too. P3 loved colour sorting them and popping them down the slide. It also made a great slide for her little dolls too.

This toy is aimed at children aged 3-5 years of age but my 9 year old, being smaller with learning difficulties had just as much fun if not more. The paddling pool is a great size for all three of my girls, it’s going to be great for summer play dates and joint fun.

It costs £119.99. You can see the girls having some water fun at the end of my recent weekly vlog on my YouTube channel.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Our Thoughts

Ease Of Assembly
Value For Money

A fun indoor or outdoor activity for all aged young children. We found it really easy to put up and enjoy.

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