Little Tikes STEM Jr Launch!

Last weekend my little tribe took a road trip to London to celebrate the launch of the new Little Tikes STEM Jr range. I love reviewing things but one of my favourite things about this job is seeing my girls experiencing new things.

We arrived at the V&A Museum of Childhood with plenty of time to spare. We’d actually been to this venue a few years ago right when my blog was very new. I’m not even sure if P3 was part of our family back then.

There are three products as part of the new STEM Jr range. In case anyone doesn’t know STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths. Little Tikes are exploring these with new products that help promote experiments through hands on play experiences.

One of the three products launched is the Wonder Lab. It’s a child sized laboratory with all they need to create their own little experiments. It also comes with prompt cards with “recipes” and instructions for different experiments that are child friendly. P2 and P3 really loved building a marshmallow tower and an experiment involving washing up liquid that I missed as one of them needed the toilet – typical!

Shortly after arrival lots of delicious nibbles were brought out for everybody to enjoy. P1 and P2 loved the chocolate croissants whilst P3 tucked into her favourites, apples. We then got cosy on the bean bags and waited for a science show.

Sublime Science were there to demonstrate some amazing science experiments. Some of them included dry ice. The children were captivated for a little while before they disappeared to play with the new STEM Jr range again. P1 did stay for a lot longer completely fascinated.

The Tornado Tower looked like a great product for a rainy day activity. It does involve things like water and oil but it gives children the chance to explore different experiments and learn new things. P2 spent a lot of time floating and sinking objects whilst creating a whirlpool inside.

The Sublime Science entertainer then helped all of the children make their own cup of slime. This obviously went down a treat with everybody. I’m absolutely rubbish at slime making so P2 was extremely excited she was getting the chance to make real useable slime. She even added glitter to hers.

We all had a really lovely time at the launch. It’s always lovely to be around other influencers and seeing the girls interact with different products. The two I’ve described above are definitely more messy play related activities but they are so much fun. All the children were in awe.

We were actually lucky enough to take home the third product of the new Little Tikes STEM Jr range. The Builder Bot. I was pretty glad as P3 was really interested in this at the event.

The Builder Bot is designed to inspire your little engineer. It’s a multi part robot that can be rearrange in many different ways for new curiosity inspiring hands on play. He comes with fun experiment cards too which allows you to create more fun with the Builder Bot.

P3 has nicknamed him “Noisy” or “Bradley” (her uncle). She loves him! As you can tell his does make a noise and can move too using either leg parts or a wheeled base too. Using objects in your home you can explore his different abilities by creating bridges or hills. The Builder Bot allows for endless fun and imagination.

We had a great morning with Little Tikes and as always I filmed our adventures which you can see below. Which new Little Tikes STEM Jr product do you think your child would enjoy most?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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