Getting Muddy At The Little Welly 2019

We got to take part in something super exciting last weekend. We had been invited to attend The Little Welly in Sevenoaks. The Little Welly is a child’s outdoor child’s obstacle course. With the weather being typically British, we was definitely set for a muddy obstacle course despite it being a lovely sunny Sunday morning.

I have previously created a blog post all about what was to be expected at The Little Welly and in this blog post I wanted to mention a few things from our experience and share our photos from the morning we had.

The obstacle course itself was so much fun! It was a 3km walk or run. You could take your time, there was no rush or if like many others you could really challenge yourself. It was hard work trying not to slip over in the mud and the girls had great fun climbing the different obstacles. We had lots of laughs and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the course. It was also so pretty!

The obstacle course pushed us all out of our comfort zones and it was a great family bonding experience. Elsa who is only 4 years old, the lower age for participating, managed to complete the entire course which we was super proud of. Freya who is hyper mobile really pushed herself and Eva being the little daredevil she is, absolutely loved it. There was staff dotted about on hand to help and also encourage.

The festival area had some entertainers roaming around, music playing and food stalls too. We didn’t actually eat at the food stalls because the prices were quite expensive. It definitely put us off. Which leads me on to our main down points of The Little Welly.

It’s so expensive! Firstly, the entrance fees were just over £27 per child and then just over £10 for an adult to assist ticket. As a family of five it was a day out costing £100 initially. This was for the festival and course. To enter the festival and not do the course was £7 ish each.

There was also a few activities that required tokens to do inside the festival area. These tokens cost £5 per 1 token. In my eyes, that price was extreme. We was kindly gifted 6 tokens, so the girls were able to have two goes on something. If we paid for this ourselves it would have been £30. The activities were definitely not worth that.  It would have been a nicer experience if there were more free activities going on in the festival area.

Like I said, we did have a really fun more as a family. I hope you enjoy my photo reel below. There’s also a video right at the bottom of this page that I created to give you a real insight into the fun we had during The Little Welly at Sevenoaks.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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