Living My Best Life Through The Mini Heatwave

(This blog post was meant to have gone live back in May… It missed it’s schedule ooops!!)

Were currently in a patch of spring showers as I’m writing this so it feels a bit weird to be documenting the amazing weather we had not long ago. I bang on about it all of the time here and on my social media channels, but I live for the summer weather. The heat, the sun shining and the dry days.

The UK has had some pretty odd weather this year already. I do sometimes think about the whole global warming situation and think this is it. This is why. We started the year with the cold winter we’ve had in many years, there was snow that lasted nearly two weeks and then after it still felt like springtime was such a long time away.

Then bam, out of nowhere we was hitting nearly 30 degree temperatures. We went from always venturing outside with three or four layers, to dusting off our sandals and shortest shorts. It was hot but I definitely wasn’t complaining.

Life that week was perfect. We spent the majority of it outside working really hard on getting our garden ready for summer. There was the hum of lawn mowers in the air, the smell of cut grass, millions of the biggest bees I’ve ever seen (clearly the save the bees campaign has turned them into mutant bees?!) and we had paddling pool baths nearly every evening.

It was absolutely glorious. I felt the happiest I have done in ages. I had loads of blog work, housework and life admin piling up but I didn’t really care. Feeling the sun on my face is what makes my whole world each year. I was soaking up the vitamin D and cherishing every ray of sun.

Like I said in the opening paragraph, we are sort of in spring. With random scattered rainfall and the need to wearing trousers again but with less layers. I’m hopeful for summer. But I heard there could be more snow on the horizon?! (As I’m writing this anyway, we may already be in a foot of snow when this gets published!) I hope you’ve enjoyed the summery, bright photos of this post and please check out my video below from our heatwave!

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  1. I remember the May heat wave – how lovely is that dress in last shot. P2 could be a real princess!

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