Living Room Tour | House Reveal #2

It’s been embarrassingly long. I promised room tours of our new home back in October and then I uploaded just one in November.

Our home is now basically finished and I’m ready to start sharing photos and updates. This year we are now focusing on our garden so you’ll have to wait a bit later in the year for that update.

This room reveal is of our living room. This was one of the first rooms we walked through when viewing. It leads from the hallway to the kitchen. Despite the condition, I wanted to cry as there was so much space. Space we never had before.

Like every room there was no carpet, the walls had patches where they had been filled up, the walls in this room were actually more white than the other rooms and it was so bright!

We sanded all of the skirting boards and door frames. Painted the skirting boards with Gloss White, the walls in the Glove Crown paint and the ceiling in a white ceiling paint. Keeping the brightness and having it feeling fresh was what I was after.

We have the grey Ikea black out blinds throughout our house but was thankfully given some old net curtains for the windows from my Nan-In-Law. My Mother-In-Law kindly fitted them for us and they give the room privacy without really compromising on the light that is let in.

Like with the rest of the house, we bought a carpet called Truro in the colour Granite at a cost of £10.99 per square meter, this was actually half price which was a great deal and meant we could have a little bit of luxury in our home. It also hides a lot of dirt as it’s a slightly darker shade.

We bought a 6 bulb light from Lidl, the ones where they point in different directions. The one light bulb just wasn’t bright enough in the evenings and with all this wintery weather we are having. I think the silver on it really compliments the grey theme we have.

We bought a new TV, a little treat for our new home and the old chimney breast look so empty and our previous much smaller telly looked ridiculous. Since taking the above photos Hubby has actually cleverly hidden the TV, Google Home and telephone wires with cable trunking. It makes it look so much neater. 

Our units in the alcove were ones we already had from Ikea. We decided to stick with Ikea white furniture for the living room. We soon realised we didn’t have anywhere to put our drinks (and many other things for the rest of the house) so we made a trip to Ikea and picked up two small TV stands to use as coffee tables. We needed something slim as after our sofas were in there wasn’t much space left available.

Hubby’s Nan and Grandad were luckily getting rid of their sofa suite for a new one, so we quickly asked to have them. They are quite old but are in really good condition. They are a cream colour and the blue flowers on them really compliment the grey carpet. My Mother-In-Law kindly bought us a beautiful fluffy throw which we adore and use daily.

Soon after we moved Hubby put up our old canvas photos, we’d been resting these on top of our living room wall lights in our old home and they didn’t really have a place. We used Command Strips to hang our photos and wall gallery, they are so easy to use and have held really well. I was quite impressed actually. By putting up our canvas’s of family photos, buying two frames from Lidl and filling them up with family photos too instantly made our living room really cosy and completed.

Our living room is by far my favourite room of the house. We finally have enough seating space for all of our family, it’s bright during the day and cosy at night. We spend a lot of time in here and I work from this room too. The girls have a small box of toys and the train track in the corner to play with too. I filmed a room tour back when it was Halloween time, not much has changed since then so I thought I’d share it with this blog post. I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. I love seeing rooms transformed – I think I would have made a good interior designer ha ha

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