Lockdown Diaries Week 3 (30th Mar-5th April 2020)

Those early weeks of being isolated was a weird time. I enjoyed a slower-paced life, yet felt so much sadness about the life we used to have. It was like grieving for a loss. 

We managed to get into the swing of lockdown life and here are the pictures from our third week of isolation.

We got sent some lovely Squishmallows to review. They are so soft!
Hubby doesn’t like to admit that he has a soft spot for Billy!
Hubby turned 30 years old this week! A birthday in lockdown.
Jake found the perfect spot to watch over his human sisters.
We enjoyed taking part in the Clap For Heroes on Thursday evening.
We enjoyed some warmer weather and snuggled in the garden.
Freya has been working hard on her school work this week.
Elsa has been using Mummy’s laptop to play games.
The girls worked as a team to create a den in the garden with blankets.
Daddy and Elsa went on a scavenger hunt in the garden.
Eva wrote a poem about Spring time.
We created a display of rainbow pictures on our window for passers-by. We hope they made everyone smile!
We’ve enjoyed lots of garden time this week.
Eva looks fabulous in Mummy’s sunglasses!
Elsa had fun doing some chalk drawings.
Freya has enjoyed some sunbathing. It’s nice to do nothing!
Eva and Elsa have been running rings around Daddy!


We are absolutely loving the sunshine and family bonding time.

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