Lockdown Diaries Week 4 (6th-12th April 2020)

We definitely got in the swing of being at home. It was the Easter holidays so it was nice to take a slower pace and not worry about home school.

I was definitely very grateful for my mother-in-law who dropped us off with everything we’d need for an Easter hunt. It had sort of crept up on me, will always teach me to get things done straight away and not waste time.

Spending time outside in our garden helped to ease my anxiety
Eva attended her first Zoom party with a party entertainer. It was a very unusual experience!
The girls enjoyed lots of home learning and getting creative.
I got a wonderful surprise package from my mum. I cried!
The cat brought us a slow worm. Elsa loved looking after it.
Jake enjoyed some snuggles with Eva.
Freya spent some time using her Harry Potter colouring book.
We delved out the hundreds of car collection that Elsa has.
L.O.L sent us a boredom bundle. This was a great pick me up!
Hubby with his girls!
We had an Easter Egg hunt thanks to Nannie T!
Freya loved taking part in the Easter Hunt!
Here’s my family checking out their Easter treasures!
We got the sprinkler out and enjoyed some water play.
We also used the mini paddling pool. I think it’s time for a new one!
If you can’t beat them, join them, right?
Auntie D sent the girls some Easter fun from Canada.
We are all young at heart!
Lockdown definitely started to turn us all a bit insane. Especially these two crazies!

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