LOL Surprise Doll Makeover Series #HairGoals Party

I know that we are not supposed to be gender stereotypical these days, but my girls love a bit of girly pampering. Hair, nails and makeup. Glitter and pink. They adore it all! I was very excited to tell them that we had been invited to head to London for a morning of pampering with L.O.L Surprise.

It was a Sunday morning so London was very quiet. We decided to drive to Hershesons salon so parked in the car park opposite. As always we were early so we chilled off our little bottoms waiting for the event to begin. Seeing the cute decorations through the window was very exciting.

As we entered we could see all the L.O.L Surprise Dolls everywhere and lots of pink! There were different stations for the different pampering activities. There was a glitter area, nails and hair and then plenty of space to explore the new L.O.L Surprise #HairGoals products.

Obviously all three girls headed for different places. The glitter was great fun. Freya and Eva both opted to have beautiful blue on their faces whereas Elsa had all different colours painted on to her arm. She actually went into that cute little relaxed daze, I thought she may fall asleep at one point.

Next up was for their hair to be done. The girls were given the choice of what colour L.O.L hair bands they wanted and what style to look like one of their favourite L.O.L dolls. Little Rapunzel (aka Eva) opted for super cute pig tails, Freya had a simple high pony and eventually, after a lot of persuading, Elsa had two little space buns. All three of them looked utterly adorable.

Last on the agenda for pampering was of course their nails. It was the first time any of the girls have had their nails done professionally. Elsa was actually the first to line up for them. I was so shocked. The nail technicians filed their little nails gently and did the most amazing nail art, of course L.O.L themed, that I’ve ever seen.

Whilst all of this was happening I suddenly realised that we were amongst some celebrity names. Rachel Stevens, Jamie Lomas, Rochelle and Marvin, and none other than Piers Morgan! I even had the courage to ask Rachel and Piers for a selfie. So pathetic I know.

The girls were then ready for their catwalk. They all looked so sweet. Elsa wouldn’t go down the stage but the other two rocked it. I love Eva’s confidence and the way she sort of pulled Freya along with her. It was adorable.

We were lucky enough to get to take home a couple of products. The girls opened up the new L.O.L Surprise #HairGoals set. It’s just like the other series in the sense that you open up the product bit by bit. There are new dolls, new accessories and lots of new fun.

We had a wonderful day with the L.O.L team. I hope you enjoyed reading all about the event, I created a video of our time there that I would love you to watch.

Disclosure: We were invited to the VIP LOL Launch Party with no obligation to share our experience. I have full editorial control.

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