Celebrating National Pets Day With L.O.L Surprise Lights Pets

National celebrate something day’s are a big thing right now aren’t they. We have special months for Autism, even a Winnie the Pooh day, there’s Father’s and Mother’s Day and I’m pretty sure there’s a day for anything you might imagine. These are all created to celebrate something awesome, and it’s a nice way to say thank you.

One of my favourite days to celebrate is National Pets Day. A day to celebrate our special furry friends. Did you know it’s actually today? The 11th April 2020. It’s a day to love on our pets that little bit extra.

In case you didn’t know, we have two tabby cats that we rescued from the RSPCA two years ago when they were teeny little kittens. Billy and Jake are our dream cats, they are so gentle and adaptable to our three daughters. If one of the girls are poorly, you can almost guarantee there will be a cat snuggled up by their sides.

Bringing a fun new twist to us celebrating National Pets Day, L.O.L Surprise have launched Lights Pets and they very kindly sent us some goodies to play with. The perfect distraction from lockdown! 

L.O.L Surprise is an unboxing toy that you unwrap layers to and open up blind bags to reveal your toy inside. They’ve been rocking children’s worlds since 2016 and we’ve been growing our collection too.

The L.O.L Surprise Lights Pets come in a ball. The initial layer of plastic wrap reveals a little teaser for the character you’ll receive inside. There’s actually 12 new characters to collect in the new series.

When you unwrap the next layer, the plastic ball is revealed. It comes in two halves; one side has your pet character secured inside and the other has all of the blind bags.

There’s some L.O.L Surprise series that involved unwrapping different layers to get the blind bags one by one, this one has it all in one place which is quite good and exciting for children to delve into.

The original L.O.L Surprise Pets are very different to this new Lights Pets series. These little pet characters have fur that you have to peel off to reveal your slightly less furry pet underneath. They also have their own hairdos to rock!

At first Elsa didn’t want to take the fur off, she loved the furry look and wanted it to stay that way. After watching Eva peel hers off, Elsa quickly saw the appeal in removing the fuzz. Eva had a bird called Rainbow Wings and Elsa’s new pet was Robo Kitty.

There are 9 surprises included in each L.O.L Surprise Lights Pets ball. These include a bottle, hair accessories for your pet, a brush, outfit bits and a torch which you use to reveal the black light (fluorescent bits) on your pet.

The Lights Pets not only have real fur and look adorable, they can also be illuminated by showing the torch on the pet to reveal shapes. You can also put your pet in water to see if anything changes too.

Eva and Elsa have had lots of fun being imaginative with their play using their new Lights Pets. We even caught the cat getting involved with the games which seemed perfect considering the day.

The L.O.L Surprise Lights Pets cost around £16 to buy. 

Disclosure: These products were gifted to us.

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